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Game Stop Customer Survey – $500

Game Stop is considered one of our Big Prize surveys due to the popularity and the bigger prize offered. The survey has been available for a number of years from the company.Game Stop

Taking the Survey

This Big Prize survey is available in English as well as Spanish. If you enjoy shopping Game Stop, or have had a bad experience, why not voice your opinion?

This survey is hosted by a company known as Market Force which provides survey services to a variety of well-known companies. Information given is held in confidence and there is also an option on the site to bypass the survey if you desire. The only thing is, you will not be entered into the sweepstakes unless you complete the survey.

To begin the survey process, you will need to provide some information from your latest paper receipt. In the past, individuals have also been able to enter comments during the survey questionnaire.

As with any survey, we recommend reviewing the sweepstakes rules as well as the privacy policies. These are located on the survey site. There is a limit to one survey per household within a calendar month. So, if you enter the survey on the fourth day of the month, you will be able to enter the contest again during the following month after the day of original entry.

GameStop Feedback

GameStop feedback allows the customer to voice their opinion and rate the most recent shopping experience. The survey results from www.tellgamestop.com will be compiled and shared directly with GameStop. This allows the company to see if there are problems with providing service as well as understanding the views of the population in relation to the company.

Improvements are made by most companies based on responses made during customer satisfaction surveys. The questionnaires are very popular and there are a number of them who offer big prize rewards to the lucky winner!

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