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Geek Squad Survey – $5,000

Did you know Geek Squad stands behind their work? Did you know they use a five point pledge when providing services? They not only stand behind their work, they also respect your equipment and provide expert knowledge. They offer competitive pricing and always work to make it right for you. The Geek Squad also will teach you how to use your computer system.Geek Squad

Have you used the Geek Squad recently?

Would you like to give feedback regarding their services? If so, then we welcome you to visit the survey site link provided. When you visit the site you will be asked about the type of service you received. This will ensure that you are directed to the correct survey option. The choices include the receiving service on the following:

  • Appliance
  • Home theater product
  • Computer
  • Computer network
  • Product repair
  • Product set up
  • Car installation
  • Boat installation

The installation options cover home services as well as those for business. Be sure to visit and let them know how they are doing. When you have completed the survey questions, you will be entered to win a $5,000 Best Buy shopping spree.

Why use the Geek Squad?

Researching the Geek Squad reveals the company has helped millions of people resolve issues. They can help in a variety of ways. They offer phone services as well as home visits.

Did you know they offer monthly and yearly plans? The company “eats, lives, and breaths” technology. They use technology on a daily basis along with helping others to fix problems and gain needed support.

Geek Squad offers a 30 day money back guarantee on services provided. If you are not happy, they are not happy. They honor their word and will do whatever it takes to resolve any problems.

Are you interested in more services provided?

Geek Squad provides hundreds of services for the community. Here are just some of the options offered. For more info, please visit their assistance page:

  • Need a faster computer?
  • Do you have viruses?
  • Need help setting up your surround sound system?
  • Need assistance with your iPod?
  • Having problems with your computer system?
  • Do you have bad color on your home theatre screen?
  • Would you like more storage on your game system?
  • Is your camera broken?
  • Do you need a small appliance repair?
  • Having issues with your satellite radio?

If you have electronics/technology and need a helping hand – Geek Squad has the expert knowledge to help you out. They have so many services to offer you, be sure to check out their home page.

Did you know that Geek Squad really cares?

If you order technical service, Geek Squad will offer official identification when visiting your home, or office. The company desires their customers to be safe and secure. Their employees are also trustworthy and respectful.

Geek Squad also desires to hear from you regarding your personal experience. Please take the time to visit www.geeksquadcares.com to enter your info online. By providing insights, you will be bettering future services offered by the company.


  1. Sam from Best Buy Regina was at my home this morning on a service call. I was very pleased with the process. He is a very nice young who was able to solve my problems.

  2. Terranc Wintering

    Alex “The Oracle” of North Olmsted Best Buy has helped my wife and I on three (3) occasions since we purchased a HP Laptop last fall. He did so with careful consideration and a pleasant attitude in spite of having to deal with a three part problem;
    1 – We are both in our mid-seventies
    2 – This is only our 2nd. computer – our first purchase was 8 years ago (still in use)
    3 – The new system is Windows 8. ( Which should tell you everything you need to know.)
    We were literally lost in the morass that is Windows 8 and without a clue about the equipment. Without the Oracle’s direction (which he had to repeat – often) we would be still stumbling along this path of not so happy destiny.
    We are grateful to Alex and to Best Buy. We shall be back again
    (we purchased a new printer just yesterday & We will talk about telephones in June.) Give the Oracle a raise, he earns it every day

  3. Terranc Wintering

    Alex “The Oracle” of Best Buy North Olmsted is great, give him a salary increase. He earns it every day.

  4. Agent rw from the Mount Vernon, Best Buy Geek Squad services, fixed my computer. He is a courteous, competent and diligent agent. I only have praise for him. Congratulations on having this professional working for you

  5. Agent rw from the Mount Vernon, Best Buy Store fixed my computer today. He is a competent, diligent and highly professional agent.

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