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Verizon Wireless Survey Option

Verizon Wireless holds the largest 4G network as well as the largest 3G network. They are continuously building new networks so their customers will have a signal when they need it most. The company motto is “Rule the Air.”Verizon Wireless

Verizon daily tests their networks to ensure they are working properly.  Network studies are created which tests over one million miles every year. The checks look into quality of calls as well as performance of existing network data.

Do you use Verizon Wireless?

Would you like to leave feedback for the company? You are welcome to visit to participate in a customer survey. All you need to get started is to enter your wireless number on site.

Do you use there 3G or 4G network? Would you like to tell those ways to improve? Then, you can do this at their survey site. The survey is also available in Spanish – simply click the link on the lower left hand side for this option.

Providing a few moments of your time and valuable information, you will be giving the company feedback on what your thoughts are, positive or negative. If you do not let them know – how will they know? If you want to see Verizon get better, then visit the feedback site and tell them your thoughts.

Did you know Verizon offers employee discounts?

Verizon offers employee discounts on phone services. To check to see if your company is listed with Verizon, be sure to check with the company. The first thing you will need to do is put in your zip code to determine your location. Next, you will need to enter your work email address. A personal email address will not work. The Verizon system will search for matching employee/employer email account listings. If a match is found, instructions will be sent to you on how to activate the discount.

Have you participated in Verizon’s Trade-In Program?

Verizon allows customers to trade-in their existing phones. The process contains four simple steps. This includes appraising your device, acceptance process, shipping, and spending.

Appraisal determines the value of your device. Acceptance involves choosing the option which works for you. Then, you will need to ship your appraised device. Last, you will be able to spend the rewards given. Rewards are sent in the form of a Verizon Wireless electronic gift card.

Currently, their program has kept over 70 tons of phones and accessories from ending up in the landfills. This is a wonderful way to help make sure the majority of phones/accessories will come back into Verizon. The phones can then be refurbished, or eliminated in proper fashion.

Do you need to check your status on a trade-in? You will need to have your submission ID number as well as your email address. When submitted, you will be able to check on the status of your trade-in.

Do you need additional support? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions area of Verizon Wireless for more information. You will find a variety of questions answered on site.

Don’t forget to take the survey at www.verizonwirelesssurvey.com!




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  1. HOW do we reply to the survey.?? I want to tell you that the Hutchinson Verizon store is best yet visited. Amber , Ellen, brook, sheila. all were very helpful, and set up our phones, Amber spent more than a hour helping , I want to give them the highest, credit for customer service, this is a new area for Verizon and they can promote your co. They should be a Corp. store.

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