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McDonalds Survey – $1000

Would you like to win a $1000 check, or an Arch Card worth $25? Then, you can visit the McDonald’s survey site to complete the survey option. When you first access the site, you will be given the choice of English, or Spanish.McDonalds

When you choose the language of choice, you will be taken to the next page. There you will enter your restaurant number. A sample receipt is shown which gives info on where to find this number.

When you begin the survey option, the time to take the survey will be 5-10 minutes. Upon completion you will be entered to win in the sweepstakes.

The survey site is hosted by Mindshare Technologies. Information given will be gathered and given to the McDonalds Corporation and local restaurant locations. Better service could be a result of your participation.

Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal

This creation is one of the newest added to the oatmeal line. So many people love the taste of blueberries and bananas. One serving is only 290 calories and will give you nutrition to start your day!

Do you remember the first McDonalds?

McDonald’s has come a long way since starting in 1940. The first BBQ restaurant was opened by Dick and Mac McDonald. The location was in San Bernardino, California.

In 1948, the restaurant was closed to make changes. When they reopened, they offered hamburgers and cheeseburgers along with drinks, coffee, potato chips, milk and pie. During this time, hamburgers become available to the public for 15 cents each.

Are you interested in learning more about the historical timeline of McDonalds? Then you can visit the timeline page and check it out. This is a fun way to share about the development of McDonalds with kids.

Would you like to contact Customer Care?

If you have a desire to contact customer care, you can visit Let’s Talk online. A customer contact page is offered as well as an interactive blog site. If you have additional ideas, or comments, you would like to offer – this is a great way to become more involved.

McDonald’s Sustainability Programs

McDonald’s has long been involved in sustaining the earth. It is considered a key part of their ongoing corporate strategy. They are involved in the process from the farm to the front counter of service.

They are also involved in green and supply chain innovations. Both areas are included in their Best Practices policies. The company is actively involved in land management policies, as well.

Do you want to make a difference, too?

You can make a difference by participating in the McDonald’s survey option which is available. By giving a few minutes of your time, you will be making a difference in the life of other community members.

By providing the company with feedback, you can help make their food options healthier, and give new product ideas as well. You can provide other thoughts including ways to improve service techniques and much more.

Be sure to visit www.mcdonalds-survey.com today!

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