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Tijuana Flats Online Survey

Do you love eating at Tijuana Flats? Did you know the restaurant was created by a college student who decided to open his own place? The first location was opened in Winter Park, Florida. He also owns his own line of hot sauce which includes some of the hottest you will find in the world! 






Tijuana Flats Feedback

Tijuana Flats would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Join the online survey be entering the survey code from your most recent purchase receipt. Then, honestly let them know how you enjoyed your last visit to a nearby location. The survey will take a very short amount of time to complete.

Giving Back

Not only does Tijuana Flats enjoy serving the public, they also love to give back to the community. The company has raised over $3.5 million dollars and given of their time to help those in need.

Great Values

Not only does Tijuana Flats offer great menu items, they also hold great values. They love respect, quality, opportunity, integrity, and fun. The company seeks to offer high quality foods in a unique atmosphere. They believe everyone should be respected and cared for. The restaurant seeks to help other members grow through career opportunities, using integrity along the way.

Did They Provide the Best?

On your most recent visit, did you enjoy your time in a relaxed, yet energized atmosphere? Did the food meet up to your standards of high quality? Let the company know how they rate by joining the online survey they offer!

Visit www.tijuanatacoboutit.com, today! Share your thoughts with them!


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