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Pizza Hut Canada Online Survey

Do you frequent Pizza Hut in Canada? Did you know they are offering a special survey just for you? The company would love to hear and see your personal rating!






Canadian Survey

The Canadian Pizza Hut survey takes about five minutes to complete on average. To begin the online questionnaire, refer to your most recent paper receipt from your latest visit or delivery. From this document, you will enter the store number, date of purchase, and time. The online survey is hosted by Service Management Group which provides information directly to the company.

Pizza Hut History

Did you know Pizza Hut was started with $600 between two college students? Their remarkable story tells the journey of entrepreneurial dreams come true. Now, the company is the largest pizza company known in the world. Pizza Hut now holds over fourteen thousand (14,000) restaurants in one hundred (100) different countries. Canada holds over four hundred (400) of these locations.

Menus & Catering

Pizza Hut offers a variety of menu options including pizzas, desserts, breadsticks, pasta, wings, drinks, and more. Some locations offer catering options as well. Catering provides delight at meetings, friendly gettogethers, family reunions, and neighborhood parties. Menu options are available in store as well as online.

Pizza Hut App

If you love Pizza Hut and enjoy easy to use technology, be sure to check out the Pizza Hut app. The application is offered through Google Play and the App Store. Download and enjoy on the go access to Pizza Hut menus, ordering, and more. Also, Android Pay and Apple Pay options are provided in many areas.

Join the Pizza Hut voice by visiting the online survey at Nu.pizzahutsurvey.com/can!




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