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Survey Invitation Website for CVS

Have you recently received an invitation from CVS to take a survey? Then, you will need to know about the survey site for CVS. When you receive your invitation card, it will have a nine digit code printed on it for you to enter online to get started.CVS Store

Taking the survey option will allow the company to gather insights into your most recent shopping experience. The survey will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

CVS Online

Have you seen CVS online? By visiting the company web page, you will see the most recent products available, view deals, shop a variety of departments, as well as manage your personal CVS account.

Do you need to create your personal account? Then you will see a link at the very top of the webpage which says “Create an Account.” Click this link and you will get started in creating and using a CVS account online. You will gain many benefits from creating your own personalized account.

Extra Care Rewards

Are you enrolled in Extra Care CVS Rewards? If not, you can sign up online and gain extra savings when you scan your card for purchases. You will also have access to coupons and instant savings.

Joining Extra Care Rewards will be like earning money for you and your family. If you shop your local store and you are enrolled in the program, you will automatically save money. You will also be able to earn rewards back based on your purchases made through CVS.

When you also fill your pharmacy prescriptions at CVS as a reward member, you will also be able to earn extra rewards. Fill ten prescriptions and then receive $5 in ExtraBuck Rewards.

If you are not a reward member, then you are not saving money. To sign up, you will need to join online or in the store. You will be able to begin saving money immediately as soon as you join.

To read answers to frequently asked questions, please be sure to take a look on site. Info can be found regarding the savings program, online benefits, quarterly rewards, profile updates, as well as privacy policy information.

Taking the Survey Invitation

When you receive you invitation in the mail to take the survey option, you can begin the survey at www.surveycvs.com. It will only take you a short amount of time to complete the survey.

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