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Guest Survey – $100

Do you like to shop Save a Lot food stores? Do you love the savings you gain when you shop their products? Then, you can tell the store your personal opinion by visiting the opinion poll provided.Save A Lot

Are you a member of the Smart Shopper Club?

If you like to save money and have a store near you, then consider joining the Smart Shopper Club. All you need to do is enter your email address online and you will become a club member. Currently, those who sign up will receive a $5 off coupon on a $25 purchase. Members will also have the ability to earn up to five additional coupons for letting others know about the club.

Club members will also learn about additional promotions and specials from Save a Lot store locations. They will be kept up-to-date about additional coupon savings.

Would you like to find a store near you?

The main website for the company offers a store finder. All you need to do to find a location near your residence is to enter your city and state. You can also enter the zip code of where you live and the system will let you know where you can shop.

Would you like to see more of what Save a Lot has to offer?

You can visit the main home page and access a variety of tools. They offer recipes and information about products. They also list the most current promotions and ads. They offer affordable eating which is healthier for the family.

How do I enter the satisfaction survey?

If you are ready to enter the satisfaction survey, then visit and begin the survey process. The survey is hosted by Medallia and is easily finished within a few minutes time.

To begin the process, you will need to enter your store number. This is available on your purchase receipt and the survey questions will follow. Once you complete the questions, you will have your chance to win $100 from Save a Lot.

Contest rules are also available on the survey site and will give you more information about entering to win. If you received a card in the mail to enter the survey, you can still visit the same site to enter.

Save a Lot is Helping Others

Save a Lot is helping others to have more food to eat at lower prices. Product availability may differ by locations. The company offers food bargains including fresh produce, canned goods, boxed goods, pastas, snack items, frozen foods, and fresh meats. They also offer a variety of paper and cleaning products.

If you like to save money and have a store near you, please take the time to see what they have to offer. You may be surprised at the prices you will find!

Would you like to own a Save a Lot?

Save a Lot offers an incentive program for individuals, or families, who would like to own their own store. Currently, the company is offering over $200,000 in incentives for equipment purchases, or cash back.

Visit www.savealotlistens.com to enter the satisfaction survey!

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