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Press Ganey Survey

Press Ganey offers professional services within the health care performance industry. They work with over ten thousand health care facilities on a national basis to improve outcomes clinically, as well as from a business perspective.Survey

The company partners with various health facilities including hospitals, physicians’ offices, home health care, and more. Press Ganey sets goals to help each partner to improve operations clinically, increase quality of service, operate more efficiently, and to optimize overall operations.

Strategic consultations are provided in all phases of health performance improvement stages. The company is even known to help increase health market shares while providing high quality standards.

The Press Ganey Survey

To take the customer survey, please visit the opinion poll link below to begin. You will need your 16 digit survey code to start the survey process. The site uses a secured server to keep information private. If more info is needed on receiving a survey code, please contact your health administrator.

By providing information to the company, you will allow improvements to be made to better the health care industry. Feedback given will help to improve health care treatments and options.

More about Press Ganey

Press Ganey was created on the basis of strong passion for the quality of health care services. They lead the way in helping medical providers give the best possible care to the patients. Multiple tools and services are used to improve health care performances.

Core values of Press Ganey have helped them to become a leading provider in health care solutions. They bring out the best within the industry by utilizing these core values:

  • Partnership – Partnerships is used throughout the health industry to improve clinical experiences and stakeholder satisfaction. Press Ganey partners will over 10,000 organizations. This includes partnership with 50% of United States based hospitals.
  • Innovation – Press Ganey works to continually improve their services to existing clients. They work to bring fresh concepts as well as sound solutions to resolve challenges. A work environment must be caring and innovative to move forward.
  • Service – Personnel from Press Ganey works with customer service focus and support. They use experienced team members who are also well experienced to offer performance advice. They also like to receive personal feedback to improve services.

Press Ganey Mission

The company mission of Press Ganey is to help create the best health care system possible for clientele. They execute data collections, perform analyses, provide insights, and perform consultation services.

High performance health care models are used to bring increased success to the forefront. Here are key points within the model:

  • Building relationships
  • Strategic insights
  • Clinical performance
  • Operating excellence

By creating proper guidelines and improvements in the above areas, the result will be a high performance organization.

Hospitals and health care entities also have the possibility of receiving Press Ganey awards. The awards are provided to select health care groups who have achieved high quality improvements in the excellence of patient care and safety.

Don’t forget to take the Press Ganey survey

at https://esurvey.pressganey.com


  1. Joyce Czaplinski

    My aunt was very pleased with Dr. Mike Wierbrouski. He was very knowledgeable and easy to understand when he explained her issues.

  2. I saw Dr. Bejan Fakouri last week and he checked my prostate. He jammed his finger into my rectal canal so hard and fast that I thought I was going to pass out. My anus area hurt for a week. It was the worst experience. He is the worst doctor I have ever encountered. He has no bedside manner what so ever. Avoid him at all costs. The only reason I am commenting on this is because I could not access the survey.

  3. Your esurvey makes it IMPOSSIBLE to participate in your survey! I click on the link, but the survey doesn’t come up. I try your website it tells me my survey is already open. I close everything, go to your website, and there is no way to enter the (16 digit ridiculous) PIN !!!

    If this is what you people do for a living, you won’t survive!!!

    I’m using an Android tablet. Very frustrating!!!

  4. The website will not let me do the survey. I have tried & tried. It won’t let me put in the pin or go to the website. I accidentally found this to send.

  5. The doctor in saw was of no help at all, he even said I didn’t have anything wrong, but when I went to another e.n.t. they pulled out a massive clog of wax from my right ear. I won’t go back Dr Edward Lee if he was the last doctor on the face of this planet

  6. I tried to complete the survey, but after it asked for my birth date, your program left me and would not return.
    I think you need a new web designer that will put together something that works.

    My doctor is Dr. John Lamancuso. Not filling out this crazy survey should not be held against him. He is a fine doctor.

    John Steele

  7. The ent doctor I saw at thee Hartford medical group told me I didn’t have anything wrong with my right ear and when I went to another ent doctor he pulled out of my right ear a massive clog. The doctor name is Edward Lee which did an awful job at doing absolutely nothing for me. I wouldn’t go back to this doctor if he was the last doctor on the face of this planet. Just because you went to medical school and memorize a few books doesn’t mean you’re a good doctor in my opinion this doctor is an awful Dr and I advise anybody not to go to this doctor because he will definitely miss diagnose you and do nothing for you

  8. If you truly want feedback, make it user friendly! No time for impossible to access website…someone needs a tech expert!

  9. Dr. Dowling is a very good doctor. I wish it was the old way, where the doctor did everything. Even taking off a wart. I don’t like all the tests they recomend. I don’t want a colonoskopy I don,t want a mamogram. I am 79 and just want to to feel comfortable with no pain until the day I die. Thats not asking for much. I have been going to Dr. Kathleen Dowling for over 15 years.
    Sincerly, Judith Hopf

  10. I was admitted at Medforum maternal ward due to a kidney infection that cause me a lot of oain that left me paralyzed for days. I could hardly walk or even move my upper body. the nurse that admitted was the worst she could not care whether I could walk or not, did not even take a minute to reads the doctor’s note to see what was wrong with me. she was so uncaring and mean insisting that I stand up as she had to do her job and take my measurement and weight. she was so loud and unprofessional it was unbelievable to see. After admission she was refusing to even show me how the bed remote control works, let alone to hand it to me as I didn’t not even know where it was and the bed was hurting me. Otherwise all the nurses were in that ward are terrible and uncaring and very unprofessional. Al they know is to make noise as they catch up in the reception area u can hardly close ur eyes to rest. I will never go back there to give birth, and never recommend anyone to use Meforum

  11. John A Richards

    Overlake Medical had you send me multiple survey requests but, “never had a way to contact me,” they said. They never sent me a bill. Couldn’t find me they said though YOU had my contact info. Though I gave ID the several times I checked in. How is that?

    So no bills, no attempts to contact. Then they sent me to collections and wouldn’t accept 100% payment THE VERY DAY we heard of this.

    Overlake Medical (Bellevue WA) is messed up. The care I received was poor poor poor. I would recommend anyone taking their hamster there.

    I’d gladly take a survey now but the links don’t work.

    Kinda not a very good sampling if the survey doesn’t include customer service all the way through billing!

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