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Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Survey

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority would love to hear your opinion of your personal experiences. The company is offering an online survey and they are also giving away a fee Monthly LinkPass to a winner each month. Individuals can complete the online survey more than one time.





Offering Feedback

You may wonder how you can offer feedback to MBTA. This short survey offers questions which will help you to let MBTA know how they are doing, what they may be able to do better (based on your suggestions), and how they can make priorities for system improvements. Consider joining the online survey at the weblink provided.

About MBTA

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, also known at the T, offers one of the oldest forms of public transit operations in the United States. The system is also the biggest in the state of Massachusetts. The MBTA offers transportation services via subway, buses, rail, paratransit and ferry services.

Planning Your Journey

MBTA offers online services to help you plan your upcoming journey. Their main site offers a trip planner, station info details, alerts and maps. The company also provides information concerning destinations. Monthly passes are also offered to travelers as well as a large number of other services.

Join the Panel, Today

If you have used services of the T in the Massachusetts Bay area, please take a few minutes to join the customer panel today! The feedback survey is offered at www.mbta.com/customer-opinion-panel!

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  1. I think you should consider people’s opnions not just asking for it.

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