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GuardAir Pneumatic Vacuum Survey

GuardAir company was originally founded in the 1940s in Connecticut. The company developed the first safety air gun. GuardAir now offers a variety of options including pneumatic vacuums. The business would love to hear from individuals who have used these vacuums first hand. 







Vacuum Survey Option

If you have used GuardAir pneumatic vacuums first hand, please consider joining their online survey. Participants who complete the survey will also be given a free knife. The survey is available at the weblink provided in this article.

The Advantage

Compressed air vacuums, such as GuardAir’s, offers significant advantages to consumers. The unit is operated using air with no electricity required. The system provides a more powerful vacuum system which is very dependable. The units are also very safe to use, even in wet conditions. With no electrical components, there is no danger of electrocution.  Low or no noise options are also available with the GuardAir pneumatic vacuums.

Do you Love GuardAir?

Do you love to use GuardAir products? Have you used their vacuum system? The company would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. They desire to continue to strive, moving forward, offering the best products possible.

Join the GuardAir Pneumatic Vacuum Survey today! Upon completion of the survey, you will be provided with instructions on how to claim your free incentive. To join the feedback questionnaire, please visit guardair.getfeedback.com/guardairvacs!



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