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HeartMath Personal Well Being Survey

Have you been feeling down lately? Or, do you not have the energy you used to once have in your life? Then, consider taking the free HeartMath Personal Well Being Survey!






HeartMath Survey

The HeartMath survey is a short questionnaire which was developed by HeartMath Institute. The questions were created to help people better understand four dimensions of their health. The dimensions include managing stress, being adaptable, being resilient, along with emotional vitality. The information provided also relays info about how these areas affect your quality of life.

The questionnaire includes twenty-five questions and takes approximately five minutes to complete online at the link provided below. Once the questions are completed, you will be provided with a “report” card. The card will include your results as well as recommendations to move to a better quality of life.

About HeartMath Institute

The Institute holds within their purpose and vision to “activate the heart of humanity.” They help people to connect more deeply with the heart by helping day to day experiences. Scientific tools are used to help people to more easily regulate their emotions as well as their behaviors. The goal also includes helping to provide increasing balance in living, stress reduction, and guidance in better life choices.

Move Toward Better Well Being

Today, you can move toward better wellbeing. Consider joining many others in taking the online survey from HeartMath. Taking five minutes of your time can bring new understanding of how to improve your quality of living. To join the online survey, please visit www.heartmath.com/survey, today!


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