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John’s Pizza Survey

Have you recently taken your family to John’s Pizza? How were the food and service during your visit? Do you have any complaints or compliments? Now is the time to take the survey for the pizza establishment!





John’s Pizza Online Feedback

The online feedback option for John’s Pizza is available to those who received a survey offered by email or during your most recent visit. There will be information on the paper receipt your received from your server. Or, you will have received information for an invitation by email.

If you received an invitation by a receipt, then to begin the online survey, you will need to provide your email address to continue. Then, you will be presented with questions to answer in regard to your last visit to John’s Pizza.

More About John’s Pizza

John Parlet loves the pizza business and he opened a simple pizza parlor in 1997. Soon after, nine more locations were opened. The Incredible Pizza Company offers families incredible valuable food with a great attitude. John’s first pizza parlor is now over 50K feet – the size of a football field!

Birthday Parties

Do you have a child with an upcoming birthday? Or, do you have a child turning 18 who loves John’s? Don’t forget to ask about their birthday parties! The family will enjoy great food, over 100 different games to play and amusement park rides. Kids love to have fun and they will definitely enjoy time at John’s Pizza!

Taking the Online Survey

After your family has taken time to visit John’s Pizza Parlor, please take some time to leave the company feedback on your visit. This is a great way to let them know of ways they can make their services better, or to compliment them in how they are doing!

Visit the online survey for John’s Pizza at www.johnspizza.com/survey!



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  1. The food was good my kids had fun but i did not like the cashier I gave my granddaughter a hundred dollar bill to pay her way in the receipt says cash 80 dollars and change 66 dollars I didn’t look at my receipt are my money until it was to late the cashier Giana put 20 dollars in her pocket

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