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Fertility IQ Survey

Fertility IQ is a community which offers support for those families who desire to have a baby and have had challenges conceiving. The community is created by Jake & Deborah who share their experiences with others. They desire to help others in their journey in finding the right information and the right doctors for their personal needs. 






Fertility IQ Questionnaire

If you are a part of the community or desire to join Fertility IQ, then they would love to hear from you. The survey includes introduction questions, so they know where you are in the process of finding the resources needed.

For questions you are not sure how to answer, you can skip them. And, you can even come back to the survey later. The owners will send you a link to resume the survey process if needed. Your privacy is valued, and your insights greatly appreciated.

Fertility News You Can Use

Fertility IQ also provides fertility news you can use. They will help you in the following areas of information:

  • How to deal with endometriosis
  • Pros and cons of egg freezing
  • Fertility 101
  • IVF Laboratory info
  • Acupuncture
  • ICSI
  • Information on embryo transfer
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Genetic screening
  • Medical protocols
  • Finding the right doctor
  • Gaining info about resources you can trust
  • And, more!


Saving Money, Time, & Sanity

Jake and Deborah desire to help you save money, save time, and keep your insanity. Taking the journey of trying different fertility options can cost a lot of money, unless you are educated in the area from those who have “walked the walk.” It can take more time if you find the first clinic was not the right option for you and your family. And, these two things alone can bring increased stress to your life.

Take the time to check out Fertility IQ. Read the stories of others who have been helped along with way. Be encouraged that you too can make the necessary changes in your life to possibly have a baby.

Don’t forget to take the online survey for the Fertility IQ community at www.fertilityiq.com/survey-intro!




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