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Rug Doctor Survey

Have you recently used Rug Doctor in your home or office? How did using Rug Doctor go? Did you have any challenges? Or, do you have any compliments? The company is offering an online survey to hear your personal opinions.







Rug Doctor Feedback

The Rug Doctor survey allows you to let the company know how they are doing – good or bad. Taking the online survey will allow you to rate their products and services. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete. And, you can earn discounts simply by taking the five-question questionnaire.

Special Offers & News

While you are visiting the survey page, you can also sign up for Rug Doctor updates via their newsletter. Simply provide your email address and you will be added to the list. The company will provide you with special offers, news, as well as helpful cleaning tips.

Rug Doctor also has you covered when it comes to social media outreach. They offer information via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, and You Tube.

Online Customer Support

Rug Doctor also offers online customer support. Simply choose the Support option at their home webpage. Then you will be provided with the following options:

  • Rug Doctor Rentals
  • Mighty Pro Support
  • Deep Carpet Cleaner
  • Portable Spot Cleaner
  • Might Pro Wide Track
  • Floor Doctor
  • FlexClean
  • Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner

After choosing the appropriate option, you will be presented with a getting started guide, owners manuals, troubleshooting info, how to use the machine, and warranty info.

Rug Doctor Blog

Care to know more about getting the most out of your cleaning? Click on the News link on the main webpage to find news, cleaning tips, product innovations, and business changes.

Don’t forget to visit the Rug Doctor survey online at www.rugdoctor.com/survey!


One comment

  1. Stella McDowell

    I love the new improved Rug Doctor. it clean better sucks up more water then before. I love that you all designed it to be lighter. That’s great for me and for any other woman at their that’s doing the DIRTY WORK.There is a few things needs work. I have a problem with is the DRITY WATER TANK. When it is time to clean it. You really can’t get all the dirt out ,of it. out the tank. It needs some kind of Plug or Value underneath it to get all the sand or dirt . Also if you bump the machine the tanks fall off. But all in all I LOVE the way it clean

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