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Starbucks Online Survey

My Starbucks Customer Survey site offers a great opportunity to voice your opinion about Starbucks. The survey site provides support for English, French, and Spanish users. When visiting the site, the first option available is choosing the language of choice.Starbucks Coffee

When completing the Starbucks survey, you will need your store receipt. From the receipt you will enter your personal customer code which is printed on the bottom. By entering survey information, you are providing feedback to the company which will be used to further improve customer experiences provided.

Areas of Survey Interest

By visiting the online survey site, information can be entered about your most recent visit, how you like to spend your relaxation time, how you feel about life, improvement suggestions, and what you really like about Starbucks.

What favorite coffees do you like? What are your favorite Starbuck food items? What menu items do you desire to see? All of these questions can provide information to the company for further services and products. Be sure to visit the survey site and share your personal thoughts and attitudes.

Are you a Starbucks fan?

Starbucks is considered one of the most famous coffee house providers. They provide a wonderful selection of whole bean coffees from Latin America, Africa and Asia. Multi-region blends are also offered along with dark and specialty roasts.

Starbucks Natural Fusions provide natural flavors ground right into the coffee. Natural flavors include vanilla, caramel and cinnamon. Many individuals love the taste and smell of the natural ingredients.

Great Innovations

Starbucks offers a great innovation which brings out the best flavor and aroma in their coffees. The company uses the Clover brewing system which increases the coffees natural dimensions of flavor, aroma, body, and acidity. The end result is a much more rich experience for the coffee drinker. Each cup is carefully prepared for the individual when ordered.

The machine uses a Vacuum-Press technology to create the perfect coffee. The system controls the brewing time and temperature with precision. Even small changes during the brewing time can affect the flavor and quality of the coffee.  When paired with the use of high quality coffee beans, the end result is amazing flavor!

Starbucks Coffeehouse Networking

Starbucks is well known for their service of providing digital networking for the visiting customer. Company locations offer Wi-Fi access helping customers to stay connected while visiting their stores. Starbucks mobile applications are also available to assist customers with finding Starbucks locations and beverages. When visiting your local Starbucks store you will find great comfort and entertainment to share. Have you had your Starbucks today?

Starbucks Satisfaction Survey

Take just a few moments of your time to provide your personal feedback at www.MyStarbucksVisit.com. It is a great way to let the company know how they are doing!



  1. Starbucks coffee is one the best coffee shop in Hong Kong and I go to neareast coffee shop every morning after my jogging and afternoon after 3 pm

  2. Jerry Lira Junior

    Great service and even better Coffee…

  3. Jerry Lira Junior

    Yummmmm is all i have to say.

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