Mr. Lube Survey – $1,000

Do you like to take your vehicle to Mr. Lube? Do you enjoy not having to make an appointment? Maybe you like to services you receive at your local service store. If you would like to let Mr. Lube know how they are doing, then visit and enter their customer satisfaction survey.Mr Lube

How do I do the Survey?

Once you access their customer survey page, you can begin the survey process by entering the survey code on your most recent receipt. If you received a survey card, you can also enter your code to begin.

The survey is presented by the national survey company, Empathica. Upon completing the survey, you will gain ten entries to win $1,000. You will have the ability to win Apple iPod instantly while online at the conclusion of the survey.

Mr. Lube Services

Mr. Lube offers a variety of services to the community. Whether you need your oil changed, or your transmission fluid, they can take care of you. Maybe, you need your filters changed, or your coolant replaced. Mr. Lube can provide the service for you without having to have an appointment.

What other services does Mr. Lube offer? Here are just a few:

  • Differential fluid changes
  • Transfer case fluid changes
  • Air filter replacements
  • Fuel filter replacements
  • Emission services
  • Battery resolutions
  • Fuel system cleaning
  • Engine flushes
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Performance additives
  • And more!

Why use Mr. Lube for your automotive needs?

Services provided by Mr. Lube have brought them to be the leader in automotive services within the area. They take care of warranty services and provide a guarantee of services. Employees offer expert advice to car owners and help them to keep their vehicles in top running condition.

Are you a Mr. Lube Club Member?

Individuals can join the Mr. Lube Club and gain more rewards. They will receive specials for members only. They will also gain personalized reminders of when they need to visit again. Members will also gain maintenance tips and periodical guidance to care for their vehicles. Seasonal advice is also available to those who join the club.

Do you have a fleet of vehicles that need maintenance?

Mr. Lube offers fleet maintenance and will help your business keep vehicles in top condition. The company has over 115 locations to serve your business needs. Mr. Lube is reliable in the services they provide and they are available every day of the week.

Technicians are highly trained and will provide warranty approved services as well as general maintenance. Even with fleet maintenance, there is no appointment needed to gain services at a time convenient to your company.

Are you ready to enter the customer satisfaction survey?

Then, be sure to visit the link below and tell about your most recent experience at the company. You will be entered to win $1,000 when you complete the survey online. Let the company know your likes and dislikes.

Would you like to see additional services added? Then visit www.tellmrlube.com and let them know!

37 thoughts on “www.tellmrlube.com

  1. Harold Loughren says:

    I wanted to thank Mr.Lube for the great service i received
    I believe the service man was named Caleb.

  2. The service from Babar hiban Barar is very good

  3. Malgorzata Zelek-Kukialka says:

    Excellent and high professional service, nice people.

  4. Tahar Saada says:

    The service from Warden and Sheppard was fast and professional

  5. Ernest Marjan says:

    Thanks for the good services from Mr. Lube to his customers.

  6. Lis Morris says:

    I was really impressed with the service. Mike was the person that looked after me. He put air my tires,and replaced my wiper because I couldn’t get off myself. He was very nice and I would recommend him to others

    survey code is 210017313

  7. Kevin Huffman says:

    Survey code 0880456637

    I was running on a tight schedule and had to take my car in for a oil change before going on a road trip. I choose to go to Mr. Lube rather than a Honda dlr for an oil change as it would be quick. I was not pleased as the supervisor had to go to another location to get a cabin air Filter as this location was out of stock. It took 1.25 hours for my QUICK oil change. I was not offered any compensation. The supervisor stated he gave me a better quality filter but I would have rather been offered an apology and a discount. I will no longer use Mr Lube and will continue to go to a Honda dlr for an oil change.

    • We are sorry to hear about your displeasure. Would you like to let the viewers know which location you had issues with? When dealing with Honda and Toyota, personally I prefer to take mine to the dealership anyway. The information here is offered for those who would like to participate in feedback for Mr. Lube. Thank you!

  8. mike aylesworth says:

    positive experience, friendly folks, I will remain a repeat customer

  9. Tianko Gueorguiev says:

    I was impressed and extremely grateful for the service provided by Mr Lube ( Location Bank and Walkley) The staff was knowledgeable and professional with all the questions I had about my new vehicle. The service took less than 15 minutes upon walk in without appointment. I highly recommend this location for all oil changes and wear/tear replacements.

    Kind regards,

    Survey code 1430689798

  10. Vic Thiessen says:

    Survey Code: 0790166284

    Misinformation on Invoice #7936830 Winnnipeg

    – Tire pressure checked: “no check”, no request was made to check tire pressure.
    – Wash Windows: “completed”, windows were not washed.
    – Lubricate Door Hinges – “completed”, hinges were not lubricated.

    It would be advisable to leave spaces blank rather than provide false information.

  11. Very pleaased with staff & service

  12. Christian pelham says:

    My first time ever going to mr.lube. It was a good experience, pleased.


    I admired the service I’ve received at Mr.Lube in Barrhaven particularly from Ajit.

  14. GLEN PETERSEN says:

    Hi guys, thanks for the quick, fast and effecient undercoating job done on to my car…you guys are great and I love to come there for my urgent needs on my car.

    Thanks Ruzben and crew.


  15. I have been a Mr Lube customer for many years in Maple Ridge and have always been pleased witth the service I recieve from the most couteous and knowledgeable attendants, my latest visit was on Nov 01, 2012

    Survey Code; 2100180832

  16. First time at Mr Lube. Great service. Will go again.
    Survey Code: 1490609103

  17. I would like to thank Amaan, Alicea and Mo for their time, hard work, kindness and effort while I was at Mr Lube on 32nd NE. December 28,2012.
    I’ve been a customer there for going on 5 Years and ALWAYS had awesome service.
    Thank you so much!

  18. Denise Abubakar says:

    (10) Hi Mr Lube I been coming to this place of over nine years and enjoy each visit even with different employees but still have a great time ,There’s a manger there by of the name Jason been with Mr Lube for sometime even when you moved to new location in harbour landing I will continue going there just like family ( Survey Code) 1600513791 , Thank you every all your kind workers Thank you Denise Abubakar 01/10/13

  19. (7) Thank you Mr. Lube in Newmarket. Good and fast service by employees named IDO and ROB (Survey Code) 1120530584 Missed coffee and/or paper during service completion.

  20. I overheard that my left front strut was “possibility” leaky but when I asked she just repeat what I over heard. I didn’t need her to repeat it I needed answers. Didn’t take time to explain, answer questions, told me what to do about it nor told me if it was a SAFETY Hazard.
    I had to take it to my local repair center just to get answers and peace of mind. I don’t know a lot about cars or maintained. So what a waste of my time and money getting it looked at another store. I’m very mad. Since i don’t know alot about cars i have to trust people like at Mr.Lube but not explaining anything is
    Tire pressure checked: “no check”, no request was made to check tire pressure but on the invoice it said not requested.
    I wasn’t aware that service was afforded but I would have said yes. No one offered or told me that was available to me. I would have said yes.
    – Wash Windows: “completed”, windows were not washed.
    – Lubricate Door Hinges – “completed”, hinges were not lubricated.

    It would be advisable to leave spaces blank rather than provide false information.

    Survey Code: 0690697384

  21. guys down at Mr lube were awsome was a great experience and I would for sure go back thanks for your help keep up the good work boys

    survey code 0060291987

  22. carol nieboer says:

    On August 17, I went to the Mr. Lube in Lethbridge for an oil change. My invoice says that I should be due for another one at 16226 km. This past week I was stranded on the highway as my car quit. I had it towed to the Mitsubishi dealer hoping that what ever is the problem is would be covered by warranty as the car has less than 105000 km on it.
    I learned today that the rear-end differencial is gone because the seal for the oil was broken and the oil ran out. I was not made aware of this when I had my car in for the last oil change. The invoice says that the Diff Fld Levels were checked and appeared to be okay.The mechanic at Mitsubishi says that the fluids would under no circumstances run out in those few kms or in the time since the oil change. If I had been aware of the problem it would have been fixed under warranty. Now I am facing a repair bill of over $2500.
    I feel that Adam did not do his job diligently and now I not able to claim this under warranty and it has to be paid for by me.

    When Adam was finished with my car he wanted to put in a new headlight as it was not working. I said I would get my own and have a family member put it in for me. As it turned out it was NOT a headlight but a tail light that needed to be replaced. I was glad that I did not have him do it for me.

    I am hoping you can do something for me in the regards to my huge repair bill. I look forward to hearing from you

    Invoice number 5383459

  23. Bruce Matthews says:

    Great service again. Taylor kept me informed completely though the entire process! Free wipers didn’t hurt either! Why go anywhere else but Mr Lube!


  25. Hans Stettler says:

    Derrick, Devin, Shawn and Trish, took care of my needs and I would say they did an excellent job.

  26. Bob Copeland says:

    waited 40 minutes in line with our company service truck that requires only an oil changes at Mr Lube only ………3 vehicles in the bays and 2 ahead of me, then 5 cars behind me, before my turn to get a 10 minute oil change ………as for the 3 cars in the bays, they all seemed to be getting ever service available done.
    Please keep a bay clear for fleet vehicles that are there for oil changes.
    Can you not have the one guy who does the coffee and newspaper run print off what each vehicle requires for service and filter vehicles that way?

  27. Thank you Mr. Lube once again, service with a smile, fast, excellent and even windows were washed and doors hinges were given lube, tire pressure check was offered ! I will be a long term customer.
    Code Survey # 0730567266

  28. Adam was awesome today with my Toyota Tacoma. And dan in Kamloops summit location thx Cindy

  29. fastest oil change ive ever had. great service

    code 1820657502

    • Daniel Shesha says:

      J’ai aimé le service qui était rapide et bien soigner, mais la seule chose qu’il ne fallait pas cocher, c’est le lavage des fenêtres qui n’a pas était faite, pour la vérification de niveau de liquide et pression des pneus, cela a été bien fait.
      Le Code d’enquête est le0730572607

  30. wanted to fill out your survey but could not access it

  31. Thank you Mr. Lube once again and again ,service with a smile, fast, excellent and even windows were washed and doors hinges were given lube, tire pressure check was offered ! I’m long term customer.
    Code Survey # 1430754721

  32. Thanks to Taylor & Dan for the efficient & fast job you guys performed on my 2002 Ford Escape on Sept. 28th.
    Have referred my neighbour (Caroline Martin), who is now on her way to the Chilliwack location for an oil change. Keep up the good work!!!!! …Carole…

  33. Forgot to enclose survey code in my post SURVEY CODE 1350159836
    Thanks, Carole

  34. Been dealing with Mr. Lube in Victoria, Douglas St. for over 20 years. The service is always great and thorough. Todays service was perfect like all the rest, they don’t miss a thing

  35. I went to Mr. Lube for the first time today and was thoroughly impressed and 100% satisfied.
    The worker, Corey at Mr. Lube, Penhorn Area, Dartmouth, N. S., certainly went over and above to satisfy me as the customer. Corey was very informative on all information pertaining to my Ford F150 4 x 4 Truck.
    Also, I left totally understanding all work completed on the truck and felt good that Corey took the time to explain exactly what he would be doing on the vehicle.

    I was impressed with the good service and politeness from all employees. I also had a chat with the owner and I will definitely be going back to have my oil changed, etc. next time it it due. Also, Mr. Lube will email me in 90 days to remind me that I need my oil changed, etc.

    I will definitely be asking to have Corey work on either of the two vehicles that I would be taking in for service anytime needed.

    I am a happy, satisfied customer who will return.

    Also, a bonus was free Michelin Winter wiper blades for my truck, which I had a coupon for and that is what took me to Mr. Lube for this oil change on the truck.

    code 1580545295

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