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Walgreen’s Mail Prescriptions Survey

Did you know that Walgreen’s offers a mail prescription service? Are you a member of the mail order club? If so, you may be interested in knowing more about the survey option.Walgreens Pharmacy

The Survey

When you first access the survey, you will notice the option to input your invoice number followed by clicking the Take Survey button. You will have twenty minutes to complete the survey, so you will want to take the survey at the most convenient time in which you will have the least amount of interruptions.

Once you enter your invoice number, you will be taken to the survey questions. Most users will have the survey completed in plenty of time. The questionnaire must be completed with 72 hours of the invitation/invoice date.

The Mail Service Option

Do you desire to know if you can participate in this mail service option? If so, then you can find more info through your insurance company as well as viewing info on the main company site.

The benefits of the program include saving money by getting a 90 day supply with lower copay amounts, not having to worry about prescriptions, use the service for the whole family, as well as gain free shipping and maintenance options.

Manage Your Account Online

If you are a member of the Mail Service Pharmacy program, you can maintain your personal account online. You will be able to log in and view orders as well as personalize your mail order account. Insurance info can also be updated as needed.

Taking the Survey

Don’t forget to check the survey out at www.rxordersurvey.com when you become a mail order member! The survey will only take on average about 10 minutes to complete and you will be helping to improve services provided!

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