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Roundy’s Online Assessment

Roundy’s Supermarkets presents neighborhood grocery shopping in the Wisconsin and Chicago areas. They deliver services under a range of well-known store names including Mariano’s, Metro Market, Pick N Save, and Copps.





The emphasis of the Rundy’s Supermarket line-up is to deliver an appreciation service to consumers, taking assistance to the next height as contrasted to other grocery companies. The shops work to give the greatest quality in commodities in a nice environment.

Roundy’s Guest Survey

During your most recent trip, did you find the environment pleasing and welcoming? Did you find the greatest value in the things you needed? If yes, please take a few moments to finalize their virtual survey.

Maybe, you have some recommendations or criticisms about Roundy’s. Then, you are urged to take the online assessment as well. Online surveys are one of the fastest ways to offer advice to companies.

The online review for Roundy’s can be finalized one time each week. So, it is feasible to give continuous feedback to the stores on a routine basis. For each time the analysis is complete, the person will be registered into a drawing for a $50 Roundy’s gift card.

Menu Options Online

Each of the storehouses within Roundy’s corporate sponsorship presents a range of ways to get the most out of your menu preparation. On-site, visitors will find techniques, vouchers, and wellness material.

For those with online accounts, entry is provided to grocery shopping histories so one can generate a new shopping list rather immediately. Another material is offered on-site comprising store newsletters. This is a fantastic way to know what is going on with your particular establishment.

Taking the Survey

The Roundy’s analysis is easy to complete and accessible around the clock for your handiness. The survey is one of the most excellent options in expressing your belief, whether positive or negative. The survey for Roundy’s is expecting you at www.roundysfeedback.com.


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