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Rite Aid Pharmacy Questionnaire Survey

Do you shop Rite Aid Pharmacy? If so, then you are invited to participate in a questionnaire survey option. The survey site is hosted, or taken care of, by Service Management Group.Rite Aid

When you first visit the site, you will see the need to enter a 16 digit code into the webpage. At the completion of the survey, you will receive the option to print out a valuable Rite Aid coupon. The coupon cannot be saved, so it is important to have printer access during the survey process. The coupon will also need to be used within 14 days of being printed.

How do I get a 16 digit survey code?

To begin the survey, you will need to locate your 16 digit survey code from your most recent receipt. Another option to enter is available for those who have received an invitation card in the mail.

More about Rite Aid

Rite Aid is one of the leading drugstore chains in the country. They have over four thousand store locations to serve the public. You can also do online shopping from Rite Aid by visiting the company’s main web site. You will find many different offers online including store locator, email club, ability to transfer prescriptions, mobile apps, as well as an Rx Savings Program.

While you are visiting their online store, you will also see the option to start following Rite Aid online via Twitter and Facebook. Also, you will see other options online including viewing the weekly circular ads, seeing rebate options as well as watching Video Value clips.

Survey Option to Save

If you love to save money, be sure to take the survey option. When you print out your Rite Aid valuable coupon, you will be adding a small amount of savings for your family.

Then, be sure to take a look online at their main website for more conveniences for you and your family. You can also look at their Allergy Rewards program, Beauty Guarantee, Gift Card options, and info about any available sweepstakes from the company.

Be sure to also let your friends know who shop Rite Aid about the survey option that is available to them along with all their fine available online features. The survey site is located at www.riteaidpharmacysurvey.com.

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