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Pilot – Flying J Survey Option – $1,000

Do you love to travel? Have you visited a Flying J Pilot Travel Center while traveling with the family, or on business? If you have, then you are invited to join in on a survey experience which holds the possibility of winning $1,000 in the form of a company gift card.Flying J

How do you take the survey?

Pilot Flying J Travel Center holds the survey option just for you. You can visit the website and begin the survey option by clicking on the red button labeled “Take Survey!” You will also see the option to see the most current contest rules.

When you click the “Take Survey” button, then you will need to enter your transaction number as well as the store location number from your most recent receipt. You will then need to choose whether this location is a travel center, or a restaurant location. A sample receipt is shown which makes it very easy to see where to gather your numbers from.

The survey option will allow the company to have a greater understanding of the needs of the community. If there is something which needs improved, they would like to hear from you. If you have compliments, they are interested in knowing.

More about Flying J Pilot Travel Centers

Flying J Pilot Travel Centers are a great place to stop with the family when you are traveling. Many locations offer a variety of services including family style eating, grocery items, restrooms, jewelry and gifts, gasoline as well as other options.

Would you like to find a location for your next road trip? Then, you can visit the store locator online. While you are viewing location options, you will also be given the gas prices which are available, travel guide info, and more. You can also choose options during your search including: whether the location has showers, RV lanes, dump stations, laundry facilities, propane, game rooms, and UPS services.

Pilot works to make your traveling more enjoyable by providing you with a variety of services. You can also view the newest locations available as well as upcoming locations.

Mystery Driver Program

Pilot is very interested in hearing from professional drivers as well. They have a Mystery Driver Program just for over the road drivers. Every month the driver will visit at least one location and provide feedback on the location to Pilot.  They are allowed a total of 12 feedbacks each calendar year. For completing the feedback program, the driver will receive 500 points for the Frequent Fuel Advantage for each survey completed.

My Pilot Apps

Pilot Travel Centers offers cell phone apps for their customers. They offer a variety of options by using Android applications, or those for iPhone. Customers can gain the following benefits:

  • Trip planning
  • Instant stats for loyalty accounts
  • See shower credits
  • Check balances
  • See rewards
  • Check fuel prices
  • Gain customer service
  • Social media options
  • And much more!

So, when you are getting ready for your next family vacation, or business trip, be sure to check out Pilot Flying J Travel Centers. Then after visiting, be sure to enter to win in their survey option at www.pilotsurveys.com!

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