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PetSmart Feedback Option

Do you love to shop PetSmart? If so, then maybe you would like to leave feedback within this survey option. This survey is hosted by Service Management Group and will not take long to complete.PetSmart

Once you visit the website, you will be asked to enter a 16 digit code from your most recent receipt. To ensure you are taking the proper survey you will also be asked to verify the survey internet address.

Also, when beginning the survey you have the option to complete it in English or Spanish. The language choice is in the lower left hand corner of the site.

Getting the Most from Petsmart

To see the latest sale offers from Petsmart, be sure to visit the company web page. On site, you will see the option to the far left to review the sale items. The tab is in red as compared to the rest being in blue.

Do you have several different pets? Petsmart can help you with your needs for your dog, cat, fish, bird, reptile, and other small pet. They are a full service store which provides food items, care items, expert services, and much more. You can even take your pet to the store with you.

Pet Care Library

The company even offers an online Pet Care Library. When you visit the library, you will see featured articles, care guides, and info for each type of pet. The latest pet photos are available for review as well as a pet owner message board. Videos are also available to watch.

No Hassle Returns

Not only does Petsmart have a great price guarantee, they also offer a no hassle return policy. All you need to do is hold on to your receipt and bring the item back that you are unsatisfied with. Guidelines are also offered for online purchases.

Would you like to adopt a Pet?

Individuals and families can go online to view available adoption information. The Online Adoption Information Center is available for review day and night. Over five million pets have been adopted and given a new home through the care center. Upcoming events are listed concerning adoptions. November 2 through November 4 is National Adoption Weekend.

Taking the Survey

Don’t forget to take a few minutes of your time to make a difference by leaving feedback for your most recent experience at Petsmart. Voicing your opinion will help the store to make future decisions which can increase customer service for you and others. Visit the survey at www.petsmartfeedback.com.

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