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Price Chopper Survey – $500

Price Chopper Supermarkets belong to the Golub Corporation and have been in existence since the 1900s. Golub is originally from Russia and came to settle in the United States. He wanted to become part of the American dream and opened a lunch room followed by a dairy store. He eventually opened a warehouse of wholesale groceries.Price Chopper

Regardless of the fact the Great Depression came and gone through Golub’s years of developing his American dream, the business has flourished and currently there are over 120 stores providing services to the communities.

Price Chopper Survey Option

Do you have a Price Chopper store near you? Have you shopped at this location? If so, you are invited to join in on the Price Chopper survey. You could be the next lucky winner of $500.

The survey site is powered by Retail Feedback Group and information gathered for Price Chopper will be forwarded to the appropriate parties. The survey will not take much of your time to complete.

To get started, visit the survey link provided. When you complete the survey option, you will be entered to win. If you have challenges or questions about the survey, you can also call 800-666-7667.

To begin the survey process, you will need to enter your three digit Price Chopper store number. This will be seen at the top of your receipt under the store name. The survey will need to be completed within 20 minutes, or the servers will time out. The actual survey questions should take you five minutes or less to complete.

Did you know Price Chopper offers a Free Antibiotics Program?

Price Chopper would like to help you in time of need. They are offering a free antibiotics program on specific antibiotics. Bring your prescription in to the pharmacy to see if you qualify for this help.

Enjoy More Savings at Price Chopper

Price Chopper offers consumers the AdvantEdge card program. Savings applies online as well as in store locations. You can sign up and also access weekly specials, search recipes, create shopping lists, and much more.

Other ways to save with the AdvantEdge card include pharmacy purchases, gas purchases and through community savings. You can manage and track your savings through the program online. When you visit online, you can also add valuable coupons to your card.

Baby Club Sign Up

Price Chopper also offers a Baby Club sign up program. There are a variety of benefits offers as a member to the club. This will include a free birthday cake for the baby’s first and second birthday, free birthday cookies for the baby’s third and fourth birthday. You will also have access to valuable coupons as well as free vitamins for your family. Additional information is available by calling 800-666-7667.

Access the Savings and the Survey

Price Chopper has some great programs to offer you and your family. Don’t forget to also enter their sweepstakes drawing at www.pcfeedback.com. Your information will be used to better programs and services.

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  1. go to price shooper foor your quality and how you trate the people is very good and also we saving money with your prices

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