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My Starbucks Idea

Do you enjoy conversing with others regarding Starbucks coffee or food items? Did you know there is a site made just for those who enjoy sharing ideas? The site offers a chance for customers to voice their opinions.Starbucks Coffee

On the site, you can register for an account and share different ideas with the community. Member ideas are listed in the following categories: product ideas, experience ideas, and involvement ideas.

Other ways you can enjoy the community include answering the question of the day as well as participating in featured conversations. The site also hosts partners who will answer your questions, read your ideas, as well as make valuable comments.

Ideas in action are also on site which includes food ideas, questions, comments, as well as suggestions made from members like you. You can read updates and other valuable info. Some of the info offered has also been launched from the Starbucks Company!

You can help provide better customer service and food options by taking some time to offer new food ideas, ways to improve customer service, ideas to add new products or to even improve existing products. The sky is the limit on offering great ideas in the community.

Take some time today and join the community at www.mystarbucksideas.com and offer your suggestions online. You and others will influence the future of the Starbucks Company in many ways.

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