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My Groom Room – £200

Pets at Home stores located in the United Kingdom offer 58 Groom Room salons for your pets. The groomers are highly trained in working with your pet and can provide a range of services. This includes full grooming services, pet bathes and blow drying, grooming of puppies, clipping pet nails, and adding microchips.Groom Room

Would you like to share your Groom Room experience?

Groom Room has an official survey site you might be interested in. They are offering a £200 gift voucher to the winner which can be used at any Pets at Home locations. The survey site is powered by Service Management Group and will not take much time to finish.

When you access the site you will need to enter your quote ref and date of service. This is located on your paper receipt you received during your last visit.

Those who enter must be 18 years of age, or older. To view further terms and conditions of the contest drawing, please take a look at the links provided on the survey site. You will be given the full rules and terms of the sweepstakes. The company values your feedback provided and desires to make each pet owner’s visit a grand one.

Do you desire to enter by mail?

If you have not made a purchase, and desire to enter the contest by mail – please prepare an information card and mail to the following address:

Pets at Home Limited

Epsom Avenue

Stanley Green Trading Estate

Handforth, Cheshire SK9 3RN

All you need to include is your name and contact information on the card. This can include your email address, physical address, and contact phone numbers.

More about Microchips for Pets

Having a microchip placed in your pet is a great way to find your pet if it becomes lost. It is simply the size of a grain of rice which holds a small computer chip. The material used is compatible with the tissues of your pet – so there are no worries about hurting the animal.

If your pet is lost, the individual who found your pet can take them to the nearest location which provides a hand held scan of the animal. The small handheld device uses radio waves to gain details of ownership.

This service is available for dog and cat owners. The process is much like getting a small injection which causes little to no pain. In the event your animal loses its collar, it will still hold valuable location information which will allow you to be reunited with your favorite friend.

More Information about Pets at Home

Pets at Home offer a variety of products and services to the community. This is in addition to the Groom Rooms. They offer products for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, small animals, fish, reptiles, birds, and wildlife.

Whether you are looking for the best toys for your pets, food items, or other items of care, Pets at Home has you covered.  They even have a newsletter for those interested in up to date information.

When you are finished shopping, don’t forget to visit www.mygroomroomexperience.com !

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