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M & T Bank Survey – $1,000

M & T Banking offers everyday banking needs, loans, credit, investment services, and repayment assistance programs. They offer a variety of services to meet the needs of the community.M & T Bank

Personal, business, and commercial services are offered to the public. Mobile banking is available as well as online banking services. M & T Bank Rewards is also an option to existing customers. Solutions are available for families with college students to help with planning needs.

How do I participate in the survey option?

The survey for this banking institute is available at the web link provided. When you access the survey site, you will need to enter the 17 digit code which is on your bank receipt.

The survey site is hosted by Empathica which is well known for their surveying options. The actual questionnaire will only take a small amount of your personal time to complete.

If you are interested in entering the survey by mail, you can send the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Home telephone number
  • Email address
  • Home mailing address

The information will need to be mailed to the following address:

M and T Banking Satisfaction Survey

(In the care of – Empathica)

2121 Argentina Road, Suite 220

Mississauga, Ontario Canada

If possible, you can save time and money by entering online. When accessing the online survey, you will be entered into the drawing ten times. You will also ensure the likelihood of winning an immediate prize from Empathica. By mail, you will be entered in the drawing only one time and there is not an option of winning instantly.

More about M & T Banking

M & T also offers helpful tips on managing your banking accounts. Information is given on how to understand overdrafts as well as overdraft protection plans available through the bank.

If you need info on account basics, it is also available for your review. This includes understanding deposits, withdrawals, transaction processes, as well as other valuable information.

Are you interested in Mobile Banking and desire more info? The company offers easy to understand information to allow you to make wise choices and get the most from your mobile experience.

Would you like to make bank to bank transfers? M & T Banking offers this option which makes it convenient for the family.

M & T Bank Rewards

M & T Bank Rewards allows families to earn points on purchases as well as bill payments. There is not an annual fee for this program which makes it a great option. The program can be accessed online or over the phone when desirable.

Points can be redeemed for a variety of options. They can be redeemed for cash, merchandise, travel options, gift cards and more. Extra points are even available through specific offers.

Visiting the Survey

After checking out what this banking entity has to offer, it is easy to open an account for your family. Once you have a banking receipt in hand, you can visit www.mandtbanksurvey.com to enter to win $1,000!


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