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Liquor Stores GP Online Survey

Have you recently visited a Liquor Stores GP (Liquor Depot, or Liquor Barn)? How did you find the store atmosphere? Were the staff friendly and helpful?  The company is offering an online survey for their customers. They desire to learn how they are rated. GP Liquors

Liquor Stores GP Online

When you first visit the online survey for the company, you will need to have the paper receipt handy from your most recent visit to the store. Information will be needed to begin the survey process. Enter the store number and transaction number on the left side of the survey page. Then you can answer the questions honestly.

Regardless of whether you have received good services, or bad services, you are welcome to join in on the questionnaire. It is important for the company to know how they rate, so changes can be made to provide better, higher quality services and products.

Sharing with Friends

Do you like to share with your friends? Then, please take a few minutes to let them know about Applied Surveys as well as this online survey option. We would love to share with them the free information we provide – we always try to ensure information is correct for our viewers.

Joining Online

While you are visiting the online survey, you will more than likely notice the option to join the Membership Club. Interested parties are offered exclusive discounts, special pricing on products, and invitations to events. They will also enjoy monthly give-aways, contest information, and advanced notices of limited release items. The Celebration Membership Club is easy to sign up for on the survey site.

Take a few minutes today to join the online survey for Liquor Depot & Liquor Barn at www.liquorstoresgp.ca/customer-survey!

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