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WaWa Online Survey

Have you recently visited a WaWa convenience store only to find the staff was unorganized and rude? Or, did you have a really nice visit which made you want to visit the store again? In any circumstance, the stores are offering an online satisfaction survey.  WaWa

WaWa Online

The online survey is a great way to voice your opinion. The survey will ask questions related to your most recent experience. The questionnaire is available in English as well as Spanish and will only take a short time to complete. For those interested in viewing privacy policies and other sweepstake info, there are links on the survey site for your convenience.

More about WaWa

WaWa offers convenience to a number of states including New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Most of their stores are open 24/7 every day of the year. WaWa is a Native American word for the goose of Canada found in the area.

The WaWa brand includes a variety of foods including coffees, breakfast sandwiches, specialty beverages, and hoagies. The company also offers soups and sandwiches at some locations.

WaWa is a privately held company which began in the early 1800s in NJ. In the early days, the company was founded on a dairy business and now expands to provide the customers with greater selection of foods and convenience items. The company now employs around twenty-two thousand people.

By visiting the main site online for WaWa, you will find information about WaWa Rewards, Nutritional Facts, a store location finder, product news, and more. Wholesale info, real estate info, vendor links, and other info are also provided on the site for anyone interested.

Join the WaWa online survey today and take a few minutes to let them know your personal opinion about how they are doing. The online questionnaire is available at www.mywawavisit.com!


  1. My survey code 2516446…..store number 00980

  2. I love Wawa is the best convenient store because everything it’s easy to grab or make, quick service and staff is always reliable. I love it. Thanks Wawa.

  3. I visited our WaWa store#00473 today! I purchased sandwiches! They were delicious! I have had help before with the machine. Today however Greg helped me and took the time to teach me! I found it to be easy! Thank you Greg, you were the best teacher!

    • My survey code is 2 515750 store# is 00864. We went for coffee and we had a pleasant visit. We only drink WaWa coffee and we only buy or gas at WaWa. Alice

  4. I Love Wawa|Lake Nona Store # 05187 is the best convenient stores because it’s easy to grab or get quick service and they have good customer service, always friendly. Survey Code # 2602427

  5. No long lines smiling faces always willing to help even to give directions when GPS is not working g
    Good prices on gas
    But mos of all CLEAN bathrooms

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