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Kelsey’s Restaurant Feedback Option

Kelsey’s offers great dining options within Canada with a neighborhood flare. Some of the favorite pasta dishes which are served to the public include Lemon Pepper Shrimp Rigatoni, Hand-Breaded Chicken Parmesan, and Spicy Chicken Rigatoni.Kelseys

The company offers a nice atmosphere to take your family to for lunch, or dinner. Kelsey’s also offers a bar menu and a dessert menu for those who prefer the option. Depending on the location of the restaurant, prices may vary.

Have you tried Kelsey’s?

Did you like their dinner menu options? Were there any challenges when you took your family? You can visit their survey site and tell them your opinion.

The survey site is powered by Market Force and info is given to the company in a precise manner. When you first visit the site, you will notice a sample receipt which shows the info you will need to enter online.

The survey will take less than 20 minutes to complete. Often, most users will be able to finish the survey in much shorter time. Providing your personal info is a great way to let them know how they are doing.

Did you know Kelsey’s offers the Perfect Gift?

Kelsey’s offers customized gift cards online. When you visit the site online, you will have the option to choose from several different designs which are already made. You will also have the option to customize them your way.

Gift cards are available for pick up at a nearby location, or you can have an e-card sent to the person of choice. Either way is a great way to treat a loved one, or family member. Along with each gift card, the recipient will be able to enjoy great food in a nice atmosphere which is a perfect choice.

Do you want to know about Kelsey’s eKlub?

Kelsey’s offers an eKlub for those interested in staying updated with the latest news and offers available. All you need to do is visit Kelsey’s main web page today. You will need to enter the following information:

  • Email
  • First and last name
  • Birthday
  • City
  • Province or state
  • Zip code or postal code

You will also need to select whether you are of legal age, or not to proceed with the registration process. When you sign up, you will receive a coupon for a free 7 Layer Dip, or Four-Cheese Spinach Dip.

Kelsey’s will send you updated info including new entrees offered, contests, coupons, and offers. You will also gain menu alerts which will make your mouth drool.

When you check out their online membership, you can also choose to follow the company on Facebook. This is another great way to stay in touch and know what is being offered.

Online Survey Option

Remember to visit the online survey option at www.kelseysfeedback.com. You are more than welcome to leave feedback, pleasing or not. The company will use the info received to better future services to the community. Happy eating!




  2. food and reception are realy

  3. Enjoyed great food with excellent service.

  4. I lovee
    Ur food soooooo muchhh it was amazinggg thank you soooooo muchhh !!!!❤️

  5. Lorraine Carlisle

    I took a small group of seniors to your 1550 Upper James St. Hamilton store, and we waited to be seated, and got stuffed into a spot with 2 wheelchairs , and me and my volunteer had to climb into the back to be seated.
    crunched to say the least…..it was very uncomfortable….
    and when I had to take one of the people into the accessible washroom,,,what a joke…we barely could get to the hallway as it was packed with things, and then the washroom, i could hardly open it, less push someone through. talk about a trying experience,. then we found it so hard to get into the stall…does no one try these spaces with a wheelchair???? i wouldnt recommend this for anyone with a wheelchair.
    Found the experience was rushed…. we had to wait to be seated in a restaurant that wasnt busy, and then the server was rushing to take the order, get us out…..not pleasant…probably wont return…

  6. I had an early lunch on Monday Nov. 7/16 with my girlfriend. I ordered Broccoli Soup and Chicken Quesadilla. The soup was excellent but when I went to eat the chicken Quesadilla, every third bite of the first section tasted off, like it had gone bad (rancid). The waitress noticed my face and asked what was wrong and she noticed me taking it apart and trying bits and pieces of it. She offered me a new one but only a chicken and cheese quesadilla. I like vegetables, and to my dismay when tasting the chicken and cheese one, I realized that it was the chicken that tasted funny. She informed me that you have a new recipe with chicken that has been marinated. Just to let you know. I think it makes the chicken taste like it has gone bad (rancid) and I couldn’t eat it. Your staff was more than accommodating and I felt bad for them. I know now never to have my favourite chicken quesadilla until you change the recipe. They offered me something else but by this time my girlfriend was all finished hers. Your staff kept bending over backwards to accommodate me. They offered me dessert but we were finished eating. They gave me a spinach dip and bread to go and I was a little afraid to try it, and I had to ask how it was made. When you had a good thing, why would you change the recipe. Loved your staff but very disappointed in my meal choice. Lunch was a disaster. I am not one to complain but it really tasted bad.

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