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Checker’s Online Survey

Have you joined the Flavorhood of Checker’s customers? Do you enjoy the deliciousness of all the restaurant has to offer? Or, did you feel they are not standing up to their image recently?  Checkers Restaurant

Checker’s Online

Come and join the survey for Checker’s online. Offer your opinion of where the company stands when it comes to offering the best menu options, the service they provide, and whether they need to change. Visit the survey link provided below.

$4 Meal Deal

Checker’s is offer a $4 Meal Deal and it includes: choice of sandwich, small fry, snack milkshake, and small drink. Prices may vary depending on the location of your visit. This offer is only available for a limited time.

The $4 Meal Deal is great for larger families desiring to be able to eat out for a change without breaking the pocketbook. And why not enjoy the delicious flavor of Checker’s foods?

Career Options

Did you know Checker’s offers career options at the restaurant level as well as the corporate level? If you like to offer your best services and bring a smile to the customer’s face, then maybe you should take a look at the career options they offer. This is a great opportunity for college students as well adults.


Rally’s Restaurants are also a part of the Checker’s family. They both desire to do things like no one else does. They strive to offer the best ingredients, the best service, at an affordable price. Both companies rave about being obsessed with excellence.

Visit the Checker’s Feedback Survey today at www.guestobsessed.com! Let them know how obsessed you are!

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