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Wesco Online Survey – $40

Do you shop Wesco convenience stores often? Did you know they are offering an online survey just for you? Wesco is waiting to hear from you and desires to hear your insights!





Wesco Feedback Survey

The Wesco feedback survey is available to those who are at least 18 years of age. No purchase is required to take the feedback survey. For those who choose to mail a sweepstakes entry, info is provided on the site including the mailing address.

Every week, Wesco is giving away a $40 gift card from entries made into the sweepstakes. Entry can be made by mailing an entry, or by taking the online survey.

The quickest way to enter is to view the survey link provided below. This way, there is no need to write out your info, buy a stamp, and put it in the mail – hoping it will make its destination.

Wesco Rewards

Are you interested in earning Wesco Rewards? After completing the online survey, you can go to the main Wesco site and click on Rewards found at the top of the page.

The rewards program allows you to buy items you love and earn rewards. The rewards can be applied toward future savings (on gas purchases). Depending on the items you buy, you will earn various rewards.

Free Birthday Drink

By signing up for Wesco Rewards, you will also receive a free fountain drink on your birthday. You can redeem the birthday gift anytime of the morning, afternoon, or evening. Simply follow the instructions offered on the Rewards Wesco page.

Stay in Touch

Do you want an easy way to stay in touch with Wesco? Then, consider following them on social media after signing up for their rewards program. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook Instagram, or SnapChat. Wesco wants you to “keep up with what’s fresh.”

Don’t Forget to Take Survey

Don’t forget to take the online survey for Wesco. It is available online at www.gowesco.com/survey.html! Click over and get started! You could be the next winner of a $40 gift card!



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