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Bath & Body Works Give Away – $1,000

Bath & Body Works is revolutionizing the skin care industry. They offer customers high quality products and indulgences. The company is well on their way to becoming the most luxurious personal care community.Bath and Body Works

Do you have a favorite line from Bath & Body Work’s you would like to brag about? Consider visiting their customer satisfaction survey site at www.emp-retail.com. Let them know your personal thoughts!

Great Savings on Bath & Body Works

Saving money is easy with Bath & Body Works, and their products are longer lasting. They offer customer savings in a variety of ways:

  • Limited Time Offer – $3 for anti-bacterial hand soap
  • Seasonal Body Care Items – $3 each
  • Online Exclusive Offers – $5 each
  • 50% off Select Candle Lines
  • Escape the Tropics – $3 each
  • And much more!

Email Club Keeps You Informed

If you would like to know about upcoming Bath & Body Works sales and club offers, visit here. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address. Bath & Body Works also offers mobile updates on the same web page. It is located at the lower right hand corner of your page and shows a mobile icon. It is as easy as this!

What is New at Bath & Body Works?

If you are interested in learning about their new products, take a look on their main website under “What’s New.” Currently, there are a few new product lines.  With the New Year, come new fragrances to indulge in.

The Cuddlers offer warm and cozy fragrances. The Freshes bring a new spring into your step. The Romantics remind you of your first date and kiss. The Sexies bring new seductive fragrances to your life.

Each of the new fragrances is available for purchase online and in store locations. Shipping and tracking services are available on site. Bath & Body Works always offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee; they want to be sure you are happy no matter what!

How do I Take the Survey?

After experiencing some of Bath & Body Work’s wonderful skin care products, visit www.emp-retail.com to take their latest customer satisfaction poll. By completing the survey you will be entered to win $1,000.

The survey site is hosted by Empathica and offers each visitor a chance to also win a prize instantly. This is in additional to the $1,000 drawing. When you visit www.emp-retail.com, enter your survey code at the bottom of your recent purchase receipt.  Upon entering the code, the official questionnaire will become available. It should only take 5 minutes to complete and you will be entered to win.

Do you love their Warm Vanilla Sugar line? Do you enjoy one of their other popular fragrances? Did you receive one of their holiday fragrances for the holidays?

Share your personal thoughts and opinions about Bath & Body Works skin care products. Let them know how your customer service was. Did you have any problems they should know about? They care about their customers!

You could be the next $1,000 winner!

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