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Eaton Online Survey

Eaton works to improve your life through power management technology. They also work to help the environment through a sustainment program. The business offers products and services as well as technology systems – working to make a difference in the world today. 




Eaton Online Feedback

Eaton is offering two different feedback options online. First, individuals can offer direct feedback. This allows you to add the info directly, much like a conversation. Second, Eaton is offering a survey with five questions to answer about your experiences with the company.

Either option is a great way to let the power company know how you feel. It also offers a direct way to provide your detailed concerns, or questions. So, either way, be sure to check out their online survey page. You will be provided with the two options in leaving your feedback info.

Goals of Aspiration

The company desires to help communities become stronger. They also desire to make their company an exciting place for employees. The business works to diversify and include many in their day to day business. They are also active stewards of the environment. They are passionate in what they do and desire to do things right. Eaton offers an unwavering commitment to their standards and their goals.

Technology Advances

Eaton works on the forefront of the technology industry. They have their hands in many different areas and push forward to excellence. Some of the involvement includes the following:

  • Aerospace actuation
  • Motion controls
  • Back up power options
  • Power distribution
  • Cylinder options
  • Cable and wire management
  • Solutions for ducting
  • Protecting of electrical circuits
  • Increasing eMobility
  • Furniture options
  • Golf grips
  • Using hosing, tubing, connector options
  • Hydraulic power needs
  • Fueling systems
  • Lighting options
  • Automation features
  • Testing and measuring
  • Process safety
  • Use of pumping systems
  • Steering system options
  • Grid solutions
  • Vehicle controls
  • Connectivity industry options

Not only does Eaton offer these product solutions, but they provide services as well. Services are mainly focused in the area of electrical management and industrial power options. For more info on each of these products and/or services, be sure to visit their main website.

Take the online survey today for Eaton at www.eaton.com/flash/electrical/MyEaton/survey.html!



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