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Delta’s Customer Survey – $1,000

Delta Hotels and Resorts offer four to five star accommodations across Canada, with over 45 hotel and resort locations. The Delta establishment was founded in the 1960s and now serves all ten provinces.Delta Hotels

The Delta Chelsea is the largest hotel location in Canada. Staffing exceeds 7,000 people and the hotel is located in Toronto. With many years of history, Delta has become Canada’s leading hotel management organization.

Have you visited one of Delta’s locations?

Whether you have visited one of Delta’s locations for business, or family time, you can access the customer satisfaction survey. You can let the company know how you enjoyed your visit. If you have ideas in how to improve services, let them know your thoughts.

Did you like the atmosphere? Did you like the service provided? Did you like the food? Would you recommend Delta to your friends and family? Let the company know by visiting their survey site.

How do I take the survey?

Once you have accessed the survey site, you can start the dining survey process. The host site is powered by Empathica which is known for their outstanding survey services. You will need to choose English, or French when you first access the website.

In looking at your most recent receipt, you will need to enter a few pieces of information to ensure the responses go to the proper dining location. You will enter the following: province location and property name. The survey will continue with asking for your personal feedback.

Additional Survey Information

For customers who received an invitation survey card for the hotel customer survey, there is a different survey site. This site is also hosted by Empathica. You will need to choose English, or French, to begin the process. The offer is to enter for $1,000 for this survey, as well.

More about Delta’s Services

If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by Delta’s Hotels and Resorts, you can view the following on the Delta Hotels site:

  • Hotel Services
  • Reservation Services
  • Privilege Services
  • Special Offers

Delta Offers Loyalty Services

For individuals who stay more, they can save more by using Delta. The company offers the highest of standards and service to members. They are committed to making each stay the best it can be.

Loyalty services provide members with special privileges. Benefits include Delta’s One-Minute Check-In guarantee, extended privileges, complimentary internet service, as well as other exclusive benefits.

Services include several levels of loyalty membership. Members start with the basic level, and can increase to gold level, platinum, and platinum plus. Depending on how often you stay, will depend on how fast your level will increase.

Delta Offers Gift Cards

If you love to give the gift of quality service, Delta gift cards are a great way to show your love to others. They are redeemable at any Canada location and can be given for any occasion.

Don’t forget to visit Delta’s Satisfaction Survey at www.dining.deltalistens.com!


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