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Costco Wholesale Satisfaction Survey – $1000

Costco offers a variety of products to members at wholesale prices. Shoppers have access to nice furniture lines for every room in the house. The wholesale company offers a wide range of electronics, computers, and home appliances. They even house an automotive section in most locations. Health and beauty supplies are available to members as well. Costco carries almost everything a home owner needs.Costco

Business needs are also taken care of through Costco memberships. Business delivery is available for thousands of products. Access is available to items that are not at local Costco stores. To learn more, take a few moments to visit the company home page.

Starting the Survey Process

To start the survey process, you will need your paper receipt.  From your most recent shopping receipt, locate the following information:

  • Unique membership number
  • Cash register number
  • Total amount spent
  • Date of visit
  • Time of visit
  • Number of warehouse

The listed information will be needed during the survey process. Having your receipt handy during the entry process will allow the survey to only take a short amount of your time.

If you do not currently have a receipt, consider visiting a nearby location to see all the product lines they have to offer. If you are not interested in becoming a member at the present time, you can also enter by phone. The number to call for entry is 1-866-668-8699.

Survey rules are available online at the survey site. It is important to understand the terms and conditions prior to entering to win.

Since the hosting company for this site is Empathica, those who enter online will be given the chance to win $1000 and an instant Apple iPod prize.

Recent Costco Promotions

A recent Costco promotion includes the ability to purchase a desktop computer from Dell for less than $2000. The model number is a Dell XPS 8300. Another recent promo is the ability to buy a BEVELLE (5 piece) queen bedroom suite for an unbelievable $1499. More promotions are available for review at the company website and may change without notice.

Visiting the website will allow members to view and select items desired before they actually visit their local store. This can save the member time and money in the shopping process. If looking at furniture, the member can measure the area of interest to ensure the item will fit where desired in the home.

Are You Ready to Save Money and Enter?

Wouldn’t you love to enter and win $1000? That would be a nice amount of change to purchase needed items at Costco. Further savings is available at the following locations at the home page:

  • Costco Rebate Center
  • Specials and Events

Take the time to visit the company online to view their selections. Visit your nearby Costco location to actually see the quality and options provided, while gaining wholesale pricing. Then, enter online to win at www.costco-survey.com for your chances to prosper!

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