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Cash Store Online Survey

Have you recently applied for a loan through the Cash Store?  Did you have any issues during the process? Or, did things go as planned for you?  Cash Store

Cash Store Online

The Cash Store is offering an online survey for those who have recently used their services. The survey will allow individuals to voice their honest opinion regarding services received. To complete the online survey, visit the link provided below and enter the needed information. Then, proceed through the questions asked.

Individuals who complete the online survey will be entered for a chance to win $1000. The prize is given away daily and there are also chances to win other prizes instantly.

For those who are curious, a list of previous winners is listed on the survey site along with privacy policy, terms, and conditions. This particular survey is hosted by InMoment which will work with Cash Store on survey results.

Three Simple Steps

Did you know there are three simple steps involved to apply for a loan through the Cash Store? Start your application online using the forms provided. The form is secure and is also short saving time in preparation. Then, the next step is to gather the needed documents. These will need to be reviewed at your local Cash Store. There is not waiting for the applicant, simply visit the location near you on the same day.

Online Information

While visiting the online home page for Cash Store, you can estimate what payments will be and how much the cost will be for sample loans. There are a list of loan options offered as well as various information.

For those interested in following the Cash Store, there is a blog which offers valuable information to consumers. Currently, the company is servicing the following states: Idaho, Texa, Utah, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and New Mexico.

Take a few minutes today to leave feedback for the Cash Store at www.cashstore-survey.com!

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