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Becks Prime Online Survey

Do you agree with Becks Prime promise? They say fresh looks different at their restaurants. They offer award winning burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs.






Do you agree they are deliciously cooked to order and grilled to perfection? Was your most recent order prepped with the best freshest ingredients?

Becks Prime Feedback

You can voice your own personal opinion of your last meal at Becks Prime! Simply visit the survey link provided and begin the online questionnaire. Begin by entering your location of where you ate at the restaurant business last. Then, you will be led through each survey question offered.

Email List Option

Do you desire to stay in the know when it comes to Becks Prime? You are more than welcome to join their email list while you are visiting the site. Social media options are also offered including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Othewise, join the Smoke Signals newsletter and receive a free sandwich when you buy a sandwich simply for joining the list.

Becks Catering Options

Did you know Becks Prime desires to cater your next party? They love to come and grill right in your back yard. And, they can also accommodate your next office party or meeting. They even will come to your next family reunion or picnic. So, be sure to check out what they have to offer.

Prime Pack Meals are also offered for those who simply desire to pick up an order. The packs feed from 15 to 64 people. Orders can be placed early up to two hours before they are needed. The result will be freshly packed foot which is hot off the grill and it will be ready for you in plenty of time.

Prime Time Dinners

Have you tried a Prime Time Dinner? The company offers New York Sirloin Strips and Texas Rib Eyes. They also offer center cut filets as well as ahi tuna and grilled chicken breasts. Sounds pretty amazing and they come with a side as well as a salad.


Have you tried one recently? How did the food rate? Was it first class or was there room for improvement?

Let Becks Prime know the honest truth by visiting the online survey today at www.becksprime.com/survey!



  1. Really loved my sweet potato fries this week with my cheese burger!

  2. Great experience, Food was as expected, very good, and service was the best.

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