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Hertz Rental Survey

Have you recently rented a vehicle from Hertz? Is this the first time you have used their service? Or, have you used the company many times? Hertz is offering a feedback survey for their customers. This survey site is hosted by Mindshare Technologies, a popular survey company.Hertz

The Customer Survey

When you visit the customer survey, you will be able to leave valuable feedback related to your most recent experience with the company. The survey option only takes a short amount of time to complete. A large yellow button is displayed on the site to click to begin.

Once you click the yellow button, you will proceed to the next page. On this page, you will need to enter your Rental Record Number which consists of nine digits. Then, each page on site will have a white arrow to click through each survey page. You will also note a black bar at the bottom which will give you a visual of how far you are into the survey.

Hertz Rental Coupons

For your next road trip, Hertz offers rental coupons online on their main site. Simply click on the tap which says Discounts & Coupons. Currently, there are approximately nine coupon offers available for use online. The coupon links will give you additional info regarding the type of discount offered as well as when the offer expires.

Online Vehicle Guides

Hertz online also offers a variety of vehicle guides. The guides will give you info on the type of car, miles per gallon, as well as options available. This is a great way to look at some of the cars Hertz has to offer for your next vacation or road trip.

Gold Plus Rewards

Did you know that Hertz offers Gold Plus Rewards to members who join? The rewards club is free to join and the company makes it easier than ever to earn the rewards. Some of the benefits include: faster pick up and drop off, save on each rental, and the ability to earn free car rentals.

Providing Feedback Online

Providing feedback online is a great and fast way to let companies like Hertz know how they are doing. Be sure to visit the Hertz survey online at http://www.hertzsurvey.com/. Also, be sure to check back often at Applied Surveys to find surveys for you and your household!

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