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Sam’s Club Survey – $1000

Do you enjoy shopping for products and services at Sam’s Club? Do you have any issues and want to voice your opinion? Sam’s Club is offering a customer satisfaction survey in English as well as Spanish.Sams Club

Sam’s Club Assessment

The assessment for Sam’s Club is located at the survey link provided. After choosing the language of choice, you will be asked a variety of questions. Click the continue button through each page to proceed through the questions.

The goal of the survey is for Sam’s Club to collect information that will better the services they provide as well as the products they offer. The survey will take around seven minutes to complete on average.

Complete the survey and you will be entered to win one of five $1000 gift cards. Within the questionnaire, there will be a page which will allow you to see the sweepstakes rules if you like.

Also, it will be helpful to have you most recent receipt from your latest visit to Sam’s Club to complete the survey online. This is typical of most online surveys. It does not matter if your purchase was small or great. Simply having the most recent receipt will suffice.

If you do not have a receipt, proceed through the first few questions. Then, you will see a page with general survey information on it. There is a link to click to leave feedback for Sam’s Club without a receipt.

For frequently asked questions, a link is also provided before beginning the actual survey questions. It is good to take a look at these beforehand while they are easily accessible.

Letting Others Know about the Survey

If you have family, or friends, who also shop Sam’s Club, why not let them know about this survey option. If they like to voice their opinion, please let them know about Applied Surveys which offers information on a broad range of valuable surveys!

The Sam’s Club survey is located at https://survey.samsclub.com!

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