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Banana Republic Factory Store Survey

Do you like to shop the Banana Republic Factory Store? Did you know they are offering a public survey online? You are more than welcome to participate in the survey and receive a percentage off your next purchase.Banana Republic

Survey Information

When you first access the site, you will see the option to take the survey in English, French, or Spanish. Click the language of choice followed by the Begin button.

Once you choose the language option and begin the survey, you will be presented with a sample receipt. From your most recent receipt, you will need to enter the store ID number as well as the transaction number. Then, you will need to use the drop down menus to provide the date of purchase as well as the country.

After finishing the survey questions, you will need to print your coupon for 15% off your next Banana Replublic Factory Store coupon. For additional coupon questions, please read the details provided on site.

Shopping Online

To shop online at Banana Republic, please visit the online store. You will be provided with factory store information as well as the ability to find a store near you. An email club is also offered on site to sign up for the latest updates. Access will be provided for another coupon for 15% off.

Did you know the online store offers free shipping on orders over $50? International orders are also available via over 80 different countries. The company also has a free returns option on all orders. More details and possible restrictions are available online.

Gift Services

Banana Republic also offers gift services. Individuals have the option of sending a gift card through the mail with delivery within seven to ten business days. There are also eGift options available where gift cards can be sent electronically. The nice thing about these gift cards is they can be used across all GAP stores. GAP stores include Old Navy, Banana Replublic, Piperlime, Athleta, and GAP. For more information, please visit gift services online.

Save Money

Taking the survey at http://brfs-feedback.bananarepublic.com/ will provide you with one coupon savings! Signing up for the email club will also provide you with another way to save even more money! This is a great way to gain more products at a discount price!


  1. maria santa maria

    The store people are helpful. The store is clean and organized.

  2. maria santa maria

    I like all your clothing styles and the price is in moderation.

  3. this survey is not available for made please notify

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