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GuardAir Air Guns Survey

GuardAir company was initially established in the 1940s in Connecticut. The company created the original safety air gun. GuardAir now extends a variety of opportunities. The company would love to hear from people who have used these air guns firsthand.







Air Gun Survey Option

If you have used GuardAir Air Guns firsthand, please think about joining their online survey. Contributors who complete the survey will also be given a free knife. The survey is available at the weblink provided in this article.

Guardair Growth

Over the years, Guardair has continued to grow and lead in the area of work safety. They have created products which keep the pace with safety requirements. They have continued to work closely with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

Guardair products are dependable and powerful. The company continues to move forward in creating innovative products various workplaces use effectively. Currently, they also offer vacuum systems, replacement parts, and accessories.

New products available from Guardair include chip shields, magnetic tool racks,  and personnel cleaning stations. With safety in mind while creating innovative products, Guardair continues to move forward within the industry.

Do you Love GuardAir?

Do you love to use GuardAir products? Have you used their air gun systems? The company would love to hear your opinions and recommendations. They desire to continue to endeavor, moving forward, presenting the finest products possible.

Join the GuardAir Air Gun Survey today! Upon completion of the survey, you will be provided guidelines on how to obtain your complimentary incentive. To join the feedback questionnaire, please visit guardair.getfeedback.com/guardairguns!



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  1. Use the blower every day. Blows very nice. Under tool box @welders. And with the long reach 36″ can reach overhead heaters @blow them out.

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