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Index Fund Advisors Risk Capacity Survey

Do you wonder about your personal risk capacity when it comes to maximizing your return on funds? Did you know you can take a free online survey to find out your results? View the online questionnaire to find out the best mix of stock and bonds for you!






IFA Online Survey

The IFA online survey begins by asking you about your interest in investment. The survey is open to those who are individual investors, retirement planning individuals, and institutions.

Once you choose the type of individual you are as it relates to investing, you will be provided with two options. The first option is a quick five-question survey. This first survey usually will only take about five minutes to complete.

The second survey option is more comprehensive with approximately sixteen to twenty-five questions. The number of questions depends on what type of investor you are – individual, planning retirement, or an institution. The comprehensive survey may take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. If you have the time for the longer survey, you will gain more precise info.

IFA Services

Index Fund Advisors offers you the ability to survey the risk capacity and review a personal index portfolio suited to your needs. And, you can see how well the portfolio items are performing (evidence-based details). And, if you are interested in moving forward, you can create a personal account and speak with a Wealth Advisor.

Award-Winning Service

IFA provides award-winning services. They have received awards from the following:

  • CNBC award
  • Forbes recognition
  • Barron’s awards
  • Financial Advisor Magazine recognitions
  • Financial Times awards

More info is provided on the IFA website on the awards, investment planning, tax planning, optimizing social security and charitable giving tips. You will also find info on how to plan for college, insurance services and more.

Don’t forget to take the Risk Capacity Survey today at www.ifa.com/survey!


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