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Wolverine Online Survey

Wolverine has offered sturdy footwear for over 130 years to the nation. The company works hard and understands others do, too. Footwear is made to last and endure for generations. Today, the company honors heritage with a nice selection of shoes and boots.








Wolverine Survey

Have you recently purchased products from Wolverine? Did you find the footwear was crafted with great attention for details? Come and join the online survey for the company and let them know how you personally feel they are doing!

The online survey will take approximately five minutes to complete and includes eighteen questions. Individuals who complete the online survey will be entered in to a sweepstakes to win a pair of Wolverine boots.

50% Off Outlet Sale

Currently, the Wolverine Outlet store is offering footwear and clothing items for up to 50% off. The footwear is available for men as well as women in a large variety of sizes. So, be sure to check out the link provided at the top of the survey page.

While visiting online, customers can also see the top-rated products, best sellers, newest items, and see pricing categories. If you desire to find a nearby store, there is also a store finder located on the website.

Customize Online

Did you know you can customize online at the Wolverine Workshop? Simply click the Custom section on the website. Customization is available for men and women. Dream up your own design and enjoy the famous footwear options!

View the online survey for Wolverine today at www.wolverine.com/US/en/survey!

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