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Smoker Friendly Online Survey

Smoker Friendly is a family owned business. They have been in operation since 1997. The company now operates approximately forty store locations. Smoker Friendly is passionate about offering great customer service. They offer the widest variety of tobacco and liquor products at a modest price. And, they desire to help educate the community in the pleasures of life.





Smoker Friendly Questionnaire

The online questionnaire offers a way to earn bonus points on a monthly basis. Each week, customers are encouraged to fill out the online survey for points. The one-page survey takes only a few minutes to complete online.

Smoker Friendly Products

The Smoker Friendly product line includes liquors, wines, beers, cigars, tanning, and other products. The goal of the family owned business is to continue to offer excellent products at the lowest prices.

The owner also offers CDB and hemp as well as lottery options. They also offer pipe works and growlers.  Growlers are made of dark amber which protects beer from UV rays.

Community Events

SF offers occasional community events. If you are interested in finding out more about their local happenings, please be sure to ask at your nearest location. Or, take a few minutes to visit the online website after taking the online customer satisfaction survey.

Customer Loyalty

Customers earn points on each purchase made at Smoker Friendly. Points earned can be exchange for free items. Details are offered at each store location as well as online. Career opportunities are also a friendly option.

Sweepstakes Offer

Loyalties in points are offered through purchases as well as through taking the online survey. Each month, Smoker Friendly is giving away $100 at each store location. So, be sure to check out the online survey and find a store location near you.

Take the online survey today at www.smokerfriendlywv.com/survey!


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