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Luby’s $1000 Survey

Have you eaten at Luby’s lately?  Would you like to let the company know how they are doing? Then, you can visit their customer survey site and enter your information.Lubys

How do I begin the survey?

To begin the survey, you will first need to access the online site. Once you are on the survey site, you will need to enter your code number which is located on the bottom of your most recent Luby’s receipt. If you need help locating the number, there is a visual representation of where the number is located (on the survey home page).

What will I possibly win by taking the survey?

Participants will have a chance to win several things by taking the survey. When you complete the questionnaire, you will gain ten entries into the grand prize drawing for $1000. Other winners will receive a $100 Luby’s Gift Cards to use on the next visit to the restaurant. Since the survey is hosted by Empathica, entrants will also have the chance to win a prize instantly. For Luby’s, the instant prize is a certificate for an Apple iPod.

Be entering the survey, you will not have anything to lose, and the chance to gain rewards. If you have questions about the survey process, you can visit the Rules and Regulations page. The official rules are given as well as other valuable information concerning this survey option.

Would you like to enter by phone?

If you would rather enter by telephone, you can call Luby’s Survey Line at 866-724-7146. If you choose this option, you will only be entered into the sweepstakes one time and will not have the possible advantage of winning an instant prize. If possible, access the survey site for your best chances to win.

Are you interested in past winners?

If you would like to see who has won recently, then you can access the winners’ page. The site will list the winners who have won cash prizes as well as instant winners of the latest Apple iPod certificates.

Would you like to know more about Empathica?

Empathica offers survey solutions for a variety of companies. If you are interested in knowing more about the company, take a few minutes to review available info. They are one of the most widely known companies who offer superior survey services among other provisions.

Luby’s survey is empowered by this company which is one – which is well-known and trusted within the survey community. Be sure to check out the Luby’s survey to be a part of the survey participants’ community.

Would you like to become an e-club member of Luby’s?

If you are interested in more savings and love to visit a nearby Luby’s location, you can join their email club. By joining today, the company is offering buy one LuAnn, get one free. When you visit the email page, click on the “coupon” sign and you will be taken to another page to sign up for savings.

Enjoy the savings and visit the survey site at www.lubys-survey.com!


  1. Could not find the survey…second time I tried….I will not waste my time again!

  2. notice my bill from Lubys and they had an added charge of $5.00 for tip. I did not give permission for this charge. Please reply with explainton.

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