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Kohl’s Survey Option

Kohl’s offers a variety of products to the public at some nice prices. The company is known to provide options to families in name brands at a savings. Kohl’s offers a feedback survey option online and it will only take a short time to complete.Kohls

Most Popular Survey

The Kohl’s survey is among one of our most popular. The survey is available in English or Spanish. Kohl’s is dedicated to the customer and they desire to hear your thoughts about their products, stores, and services.

To begin the survey, choose the language of choice. The survey will open in a new window and require you to enter the Kohl’s store number and survey access code to begin. It is recommended to enter your survey information within 48 hours of your most recent shopping experience.

The survey is not time consuming and you can let the company know your true thoughts. Please feel comfortable to share issues as well as praises within the survey option.

Kohl’s Motto

The Kohl’s company motto is to expect great things. The store offers a wide range of products including clothing options, housewares, shoes, and gift lines. The company tries to offer items that are more popular with lower prices.

Do you feel that Kohl’s is offering great things to you and your family? If not, visit the survey site and voice your concerns. Maybe, you had issues with a clerk, or making a return. This is your opportunity to be heard and let Kohl’s know.

Letting Others Know About Applied Surveys

Do you have family and friends who like to offer their opinion? Then, why not let them know about AppliedSurveys.com? They can join in on the adventure of speaking their mind about the products they use from the stores they frequent. Some surveys will even offer them a chance at coupons, cash, and prizes! Encourage them to join in and make a difference in our retailer products and services!

Visit the survey site today at www.kohls.com/survey!

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  1. Today in store 1382 , my daughter and I were looking for some swim suit for her and finally she found a nice set and she tried them , well fitted so we got in a long line to pay but the cashier said the set is not ok because 2 pieces of 3 are size 14 and the 3rd one is size 12 so we need to get another one . We asked for size 12 of that swim suit but there was no more size 12 and she brought another ones which my daughter did not like them and she said we Can not get the other ones because the set is not mached in size . I was so disappointed at the way she was take caring of us and keeping us on wait for long time with a new born baby in my arm , any way we found that with that condition and was not our fault I believe they could have more paid attention or organized when displaying the stuffs or items for customers any way after spending too much time we found my daughter s favorit suit but didn’t know one piece out of 3 has different size
    I asked her name !!!! She did flip over her name badge and said Tam but I asked to see her name on the badge HER NAME WAS VIVIAN not tam
    I am so sorry for spending my time in a store that even the employees are not honest about their real name how ever that is not the first time in this store the staff saying wrong name with covering the name badge !!! Yes I had a problem on my previous visit also and when I asked the girls name she lied and said I am Sam but found out her real name is SANAM . Shopping in this particular store is just headache and hassle . I will tell my friends and family to not shopping in this store , I tell every body every where about the rudeness and the quality of the customer care of this Kohls . What is the name badge for? For hiding or wearing back side up to not showing the name ….why? Maybe they know there is some thing wrong with their customer care

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