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Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center Online Survey

Have you recently stayed at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center? Are you interested in providing feedback to them? The hotel is interested in hearing about how your stay was. Kellogg Hotel Conference Center

Kellogg Hotel Guest Survey

Kellogg Hotel would like to know how your overall experience rates. Personal ratings are available along with comment sections on the guest satisfaction survey. The company is also interested in whether you would recommend them to others based on your recent experience.

Rating categories for the online survey include: reservations info, front desk, telephone conversations with the hotel, experience with housekeeping and maintenance staff, as well as your gift shop experience. Individuals who were provided food services can also leave appropriate feedback during the survey.

History of Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center

Kellogg Hotel opened their doors in the early 1950s and were operated by Bill Garrison. The facility was created to provide everything you would need to hold conferences under one roof. The establishment continues today to provide toward the educational needs of students of Michigan State University.

The center provides a space for those interested in holding conferences, having weddings, or large meetings. Kellogg works to provide world class service on a first class scale. The hotel is an integral part of history within the community.

Providing Feedback

If you, or your business group, recently stayed at the Kellogg Hotel or used the Conference Center, why not leave feedback for them? The survey is one page long and will take only a short time to complete. The survey is available online at www.kelloggcenter.com/content/kellogg-hotel-conference-center-guest-survey-e-lansing-hotel-service-kellogg-hotel!

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