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JUUL Online Survey

JUUL offers an alternative to smoking cigarettes. The company desires to improve the lives of adult smokers across the world. The goal includes completely eliminating cigarettes and helping adults still be able to enjoy the lifestyle they choose.








JUUL Survey

The online survey for JUUL is available for those who are at least 21 years of age or older. To begin the online survey, you will need to enter in your code which appears on the survey card you received from JUUL. Then, you will be presented with the questionnaire for completion.

Mission & Values

The mission and values of JUUL include improving the lives of one billion adults who are currently smokers. The company envisions the world with fewer people who smoke traditional cigarettes. They also share in the vision of seeing people have the tools they need to eliminate their consumption entirely. Truly, JUUL desires to maximize the positive as well as eliminate the negative.

Service Men & First Responders

For those who serve our country, JUUL understands the challenge at hand. The company desires to provide the tools needed to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to using JUUL vaping products. Special benefits are offered through JUUL’s main website. The company is proud to support our country’s veterans.

JUUL Savings Calculator

Do you wonder how much money you can save by using JUUL? The company offers an online savings calculator. For an individual who pays $6 per pack traditional cigarettes and smokes 20 per day – can save up to $730.91 per year. Check out the savings calculator for more money savings options.

Take the JUUL online survey today at www.juul.com/survey!



  1. I enjoy juul verry much

  2. I wish Juul would not offer coupons/vouchers for their products if they can’t abide by their own rules. I’m still using Juul, but I don’t like them if they offer something they have no intention of fulfilling their promises/obligations/?promos?

  3. the best way to quit smoking

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