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Jiffy Lube Oregon Online Survey – $1000

Do you use Jiffy Lube services in the Oregon area? Did you know they are offering an online survey with the option of winning a $1000, two oil services, and tickets to a season game in the area?  Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube Online

The online survey for Jiffy Lube in the Oregon area is available at the survey link provided. The survey is very easy to finish and it will not take much time at all. By filling in the question answers honestly, you will be entered into the sweepstakes drawing.

The survey will cover how you feel about the over performance of the company in a variety of categories:

  • How quick was the service?
  • Were enough crew available to help?
  • Were you provided with useful information?
  • Did the techs respect your vehicle?
  • Were you treated politely and respectfully?
  • As well as other survey related questions

If you are interested in leaving more specific details, there is a comment box option. The last part of the online survey is providing your name and mailing address. This is needed for the company to respond to you.

If you need help during the survey process, there is a help button located on the bottom of the page. If needed, you can simply leave your contact info and someone will return you a call within one business day.

Monthly Prizes

Jiffy Lube in the Oregon area offers a monthly drawing for those who enter the sweepstakes. So, be sure to check back as the monthly prizes are subject to change. Let them know if you have concerns regarding your latest visit. Also, let any of your friends or family members know about the online survey.

The online questionnaire for Jiffy Lube Oregon is located at www.jlpdxfeedback.com!

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