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JC Penney Online Survey

Have you recently done some of your holiday shopping at JCP? Were the associates warm and friendly while checking you out, or were they rude? The company would like your honest opinion.  JC Penney

JCP Online

The JC Penney (JCP) online survey is a great way to let the company know how you rate them. This includes rating how the store looked on your visit, how the associates did handling your needs, or even if the company had the items you were looking for. Many times online surveys will ask a variety of questions related to how your visit went with them.

To begin this online survey, please have your paper receipt handy to begin. You will need to enter a few items listed on this receipt to begin. To see more information about the benefits of taking this online survey, click the Coupon Details link provided on the survey site in the lower right hand corner. A new window will open to provide you with detailed info. Currently, the company is offering a ten percent discount for the next purchase for completing the online survey.

Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping can be a stressful time for the shopper as well as the worker. But, it is still necessary for the worker to provide you with a warm greeting and a smile. They should not seemed rushed or seem like they don’t care to be there. By giving your ratings, the company can know if there are issues on a regular basis at a particular store location. The access code should provide the company with information on which particular store you visited during your most recent purchase.

This particular online survey for JCP is available in English as well as Spanish. The survey site which is located at www.jcp.com/survey is hosted by Service Management Group. Please take a few minutes today to rate your most recent experience!

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